Our island of communism in the Middle East

Traditional Christianity linked to this news:

In the past months, a lot of debate has been going on in Israel about providing government-funded preschools from the age of 3. Recently, the Knesset approved compulsory education from age 3.

MK Tzipi Hotovely (Likud), who chairs the Knesset’s Committee on the Status of Women, welcomed the new law.
“I welcome the Prime Minister’s full commitment to changing national priorities,” she said. “Education is one of the central obligations of any state to its citizens and it cannot be that so many families have to bow to the burden of educating their children while other families avoid proper education of their children for financial reasons. This is the essential first step in the revolution that would give free education already from the age of thee months.” (emphasis mine)
No doubt that free education at three months will only the be first step in a further revolution, in that it would soon be compulsory as well.  It must be, since any education that would allow one to escape incorporation in the Leftist hivemind wouldn’t be “proper”.  This in turn brings us closer to the liberal endgame:  complete state control of children, the eradication of parenthood, the replacement of personal dependency with impersonal dependency.
The day the State owns children from birth is the day that liberalism has definitively won.  The family would ipso facto cease to exist, meaning marriage would have no rationale and men and women would become practically interchangeable.  Every religion and regional tradition would disappear in precisely one generation, as would all memories of past generations that the liberal State does not explicitly choose to retain.  Equality and homogeneity would finally reign, but this wouldn’t even have the side benefit of removing liberalism’s reason for existing, since they’ll be able to keep themselves busy tormenting toddlers  by trying to force girls to act like boys and vice versa and by suppressing friendship.  Everything the Left does pushes at least indirectly toward the ultimate goal.

3 Responses

  1. Israel is going to be the first nation state in the West to flip from a secular to a religious society. The demographics make it inevitable.

  2. Yes, and don’t forget the other encouraging thoughts that Thursday posted recently. The worst place in the world, North Korea, hasn’t abolished the family. And trying to “suppress friendship” is as Sisyphean as anything.

  3. Demographics do support the projection of Israel’s flip from a secular to a religious society, but that is not around the corner, and Israeli sentiments (at least insofar as they are reflected in government policy) toward socialism and whether “the State owns children from birth” are rather inconsistent.

    Israel used to be much more overtly pro-socialism, but it withdrew somewhat from that in the 1980s-90s (responding to severe inflation, followed a wave of privatization). The problem is that many people still think they are entitled, are owed something – without it being contingent on individual responsibilities (the socialist protests in Tel Aviv this past summer are an example of this). Back to my point about the absence of a consistent trend in treating children – kibbutzes used to basically own all members’ children; they would be raised communally, almost entirely apart from their parents (didn’t sleep in under the same roof, etc). I don’t think Israel is entirely moving back to that world, but there has been significant populist pressure to go back in that direction.

    One counterintuitive aspect of this populism is that it is embraced by many on the right, who try to portray economics as a non-political issue.

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