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Hi all.

First, thank you for your comments and all the thought you obviously put into them.  I’ve been very impressed to have commenters who know a lot more about my topics than I do.  Of course, what’s impressive is not that such people exist (my knowledge not being terribly hard to top), but that they keep bothering to come here and educate me.  I’m sorry that I only respond to a few of my comments.  Which ones I reply to has more to do with which happen to be on top when I get some free time than with anything else.  Also, sometimes comments get held for my approval before they appear.  This is because they have urls in them.  It’s an automatic process I have nothing to do with, so again please don’t take it personally.

I will probably have less opportunity to post for the next couple of weeks.  I’ll be visiting family, doing a little proposal writing, and scrambling to prepare for my spring class.  On the plus side, I’m hoping to get a bit more chance to read.  I’m afraid that I’ve violated the first rule of successful blogging; I used to read a lot, but for the past year, I’ve had much less time, and what I’ve had I’ve devoted to writing.  I’ve been living off the store of knowledge and thinking that I’d built up in previous years, and now the stock is starting to run out.  Also, I’ve been needing to cut back on polemical writing regardless.  I’ve noticed lately that it’s been having a bad effect on my personality.  It’s an effect I’m subject to when grading students’ homeworks.  As more and more students make the same mistake, I start getting angrier and have to resist an urge to take more points off.  I have to remind myself that this student doesn’t know that I’ve already corrected a dozen prior students for the same faulty thinking.  Similarly, I find that I treat the first person to make an argument I don’t like much differently from the tenth person to make that argument, but that isn’t fair.  I have sometimes not treated my commenters and fellow bloggers with the respect they deserve, and I’m very sorry for that.  I’m going to try to take a less combative stance for a while.

Blogging will then probably pick up in January, although not at the level it’s been at lately (a level which has meant more time than I really should be devoting to a hobby and is probably venially sinful).  Someday, I expect I’ll have to cut back to infrequent writing.  Hopefully, by that time there will be a joint Orthosphere blog I can contribute to, so that there’ll still be an audience for my stuff.

Oh, for those of you who don’t know, “Orthosphere” is the name Bruce and Proph decided on for our circle of reactionary Christian bloggers.  Kind of neat, don’t you think?  “Behold, the Orthosphere!”

9 Responses

  1. We’ll miss you. Have a great Christmas and a productive proposal-writing season. (Incidentally, I’m about to embark on writing the first proposal for grant-funded research of my own professional career; I’ve been looking for ways to improve my job security and boost my salary in anticipation of starting a family some time soon and I think this might be it).

    Speaking of a “joint orthosphere blog,” Dr. Charlton suggested “Orthopundit.” I don’t know the first thing about web design or I’d take the lead on it.

  2. Thank You and be well. Merry Christmas! Hope to hear from you again in the New Year.

  3. Good luck.

    Honest blogging is a tightrope – it’s impossible not to wobble, and difficult just not falling-off.

    We can’t be dull (or we will not fulfill our function) yet cannot be attention-seeking nor addictive.

    I am, of course, a pessimist about the Orthosphere – quite likely we have merely named the Owl of Minerva…

    BUT it seems clear (from e-mails as well as comments) that these Orthosphere blogs have been and still are very useful (in a Good way) for some people (and not just the bloggers); a tiny group, of course, (we would probably fit into one large room – although we are scattered over the planet), yet we must hold tight to the FACT that each immortal soul is (infinitely) more important than ephemeral constructs such as nations and civilizations.

    The Orthosphere is also evidence of the mystical Church – since it really is a Mere Christian group of orthodox and supernaturalist Christians from several denominations.

    At an institutional level it is a shocking fact that we could not take Holy Communion together (which is the horror of schism; and of course to make merely institutional arrangements so denominations ‘did not matter any more’ would be a deadly act of modernist nihilism) – but such an unforced association of mutually-defined ‘heretics’ on the basis of primary Christian conviction offers genuine hope.

  4. Arius and Athanasius have far more in common with each other than either have with their common enemy, Moloch the Ba’al of Tyre.

    Schism is a luxury; it is a decadent relic of our erstwhile cultural supremacy. We may not be able to afford it very much longer.

  5. Have a blessed Christmas. Best wishes on your career endeavors.

  6. Proposal writing: ugh. Selling and schmoozing. And your students get to do the real work, too.

  7. Best wishes for a happy and blessed Christmas, Bonald.

  8. With your announcement of lighter blogging in future, and Out of Sleep closing down; the Orthosphere is already about one-third half-gone just a couple of weeks after it was named!

    This somehow seems to confirm the basic assumptions of the Orthosphere.

    When it is just one blogger commenting on his own postings then the Orthosphere will have reached its natural state of being in these End Times!

  9. Well, hopefully I’ll be back to full output mode in a month.

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