This is what subversion looks like

From The New Criterion (via Arts and Letters Daily)

The repudiation of American law at the heart of OWS means that the Occupation is not just another voluntary association or another utopian community with its own set of parliamentary procedures. The Occupationists have never acknowledged the right of Brookfield Properties, the private owners Zuccotti Park, to announce their own rules for the use of the park. Nor do they recognize the right of city government to ask that the park be vacated to allow for proper sanitation—a role that the Occupationists had theatrically taken on themselves with questionable results. This denial is only now coming to a head as police reassert authority over the encampments. The routine call and response of OWS—“Show me what democracy looks like. This is what democracy looks like!” and “Whose park? Our park!”—is revealing in that the rhetoric of OWS always circles back in on itself. To the Occupationists, they are what democracy looks like, and the rest of us are not what democracy looks like. They have the right to occupy whatever space they choose, while the rest of us, including our agents in law enforcement, do not.

Occupy Wall Street is the enemy.  It must be crushed.

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  1. I have a hard time taking OWS seriously, but , as Fannie Appleshine points out, the real danger is that they will bore us to death in a few years with harangues about how they spoke truth to power in Zuccotti Park.

  2. Stupid little boys and girls playing at being revolutionaries.

    I wouldn’t worry about the public order issue. A liberal democracy is more than capable of seeing off this sort of challenge, as I think the former students of Kent State would tell you.

  3. @Reggie – Kent State was 40 years ago, at the very start of political correctness; this is a different world. The problem is that the liberal democracy does not want to ‘see off’ the challenge of OWS, but instead will encourage it, and use it as a means of justifying doing what they want to do anyway .

  4. I think that the proof of the pudding will be in the eating, Prof. C. Most people who I know who work in the City, from both left and right (and I’m a City worker myself, in the legal sector), think that these guys are idiots. They’ll be moved out by the New Year, and good riddance to them.

  5. Incidentally, if you don’t mind my asking, do you spend much time in London yourself?

  6. “Occupy Wall Street is the enemy. It must be crushed.”

    And here I thought the enemy was already ruling us.

  7. This. OWS is a silly show. There is no protest, just theatre. It will be pretend crushed when that is seen to be in Goldman Sachs interests.

  8. Spending, as I do, a good deal of my time in France, I looked for comparisons between the banlieue riots of 2005 and OWS.

    What they have in common is that both were assaults that made no demands; a threat without a message, and neither had anything to do with “politics.” One would have to be oblivious to the autonomous youth movements of the last 30 years not to see the purely political character of this resolute negation of politics.

    There the comparison ends. As one commentator observed: “The conflagration of November 2005 was not a result of extreme dispossession, as it is often portrayed. It was, on the contrary, a complete possession of a territory. People can burn cars because they are pissed off [parce qu’on s’emmerde] , but to keep the riots going for a month, while keeping the police in check – to do that you have to know how to organize, you have to establish complicities, you have to know the terrain perfectly, and share a common language and a common enemy. Mile after mile and week after week, the fires spread. New blazes responded to the original ones, appearing where they were least expected. Rumours can’t be wiretapped.”

    One suspects his own sympathies are with the Hard Left, but his analysis is spot-on

    Perhaps, that is why Europeans had les événements de mai [1968] and the Americans had Woodstock.

  9. What Bill said.

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