Quick definition of a liberal

A liberal is someone who thinks he cares more about your children than you do.

Alternative post title:  “The thing about liberals most likely to provoke me to uncontrollable rage”

7 Responses

  1. It’s funny. I’m pretty sure I care more about liberals’ children than they do.

  2. I like to see it in Platonic terms.

    Conservatives see natural order.

    Liberals see the individual opposed to the world.

    Over time, I find what bothers me most about liberalism is the negativity. It is blasphemy. This world is a gift and even if you do not believe there is a Giver, it makes no sense to look at the negative and forsake possibility.

    It’s a waste of life. Yet it’s the norm for liberals. They do not care about possibility; they are obsessed by victimhood.

  3. There’s an element of truth in this.

  4. In the interests of balance, I wonder what the conservative equivalent would be?

    “A conservative is someone who thinks that he knows how you should relate to your wife better than you do”.

  5. Ah, hence our ability to irritate.

  6. You’re the grit in the oyster, Bonald.

  7. I’ve got another one.

    “An MRA is a man who is unsuccessful with women, and blames the women for this.”

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