Civil war in the MRM

“Vir” writes

The MRM-sphere is slowly gaining momentum as it faces its own identity crisis: do we want to become another victims’ rights group, or are we a movement for a uniquely male place in the world?

Those who find masculinism more appealing than victimhood are not the most popular party in this debate, because victimhood has two salient advantages: it lets us follow the pattern that feminism set up, and that is a path of least resistance that lets us continue to live sloppy, careless lives….

Our society starting hating men in 1789, when we started demanding that everyone be equal…1789 was followed by 200 years of warfare to establish this principle as winning out. Finally, in 1991 it won — by abandoning its hard-line edge with the Soviet Union, and instead embracing the kind of fat ‘n’ sloppy that makes America so wealthy and so frustrating. Consumerism and socialism joined as one.

The 1960s can be characterized as the switch from majoritarianism to minoritarianism in America, when the moral high ground shifted from the majority to anybody who can successfully characterize themselves as a victimized minority. – iSteve

Since that time, we’ve seen the same pattern from those committee meetings and revolutions mentioned above: a small group crowds out the rest and legitimizes incompetence if and only if that incompetence is paired with the right dogma, e.g. loudly proclaiming how we’re all equal and it’s great.

You can see this in how feminists work. At your average university, a couple of them penetrate the English department or the Philosophy department. Then they use passive aggression, or strategically being offended by others and thus demanding the punishment of those others, to remove anyone but the feminists.

Soon it’s like a prison gang. They rule, and to get ahead, you brain-numbingly repeat their warped dogma….

Our society is dying. No, “the corporations” didn’t do it — the voter did. The average person experienced a failing of personal moral responsibility and stopped making realistic decisions, and started making convenient ones. As a result, we threw away culture and let the incompetents rule us through commerce.

Now we live in a troubled world. Our technology is no longer advancing. We’re polluting the planet. Our cities are ugly, loud, filthy places where we sit around in cars because traffic is bad. Our jobs have been adjusted downward so idiots can do them, and as a result, they are boring. We can no longer have pleasant relationships between the sexes, so we use each other and then simmer in the swarming distrust.

One result of this is that as culture dies, and competence becomes rare, we become addicted to nanny state agencies like administrative government and large corporations that provide us with convenient but not necessarily healthy products. We have lost our will to act decisively, and have become couch-bound wimps.

If you wonder why masculinity is such a topic lately, this is why: we are fighting for our souls. We either decide we wish to be men who initiate, conquer and create, or we decide to become man-boys who fall back on the couch, play video games, and try to hide the fat girls they bring home on lonely nights.

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  1. Only those two choices? I don’t think so. The USA was originally founded by people who wanted to go to a better place in hopes of a better life. A growing number of men in the US and UK are choosing the same path today. I write from rural Mexico.

  2. Wow, GROIN (where this was posted) is a great blog.

  3. “masculinism….lets us follow the pattern that feminism set up,”

    Victim-rights masculism does more than follow the path that feminism blazed…it directly competes with other victim groups at the goverment spoils table.

    Our society has been transformed into a morass of groups competing for resources and protection from each other, using the government as a vehicle to “best” each other in said competition. The one that out-victimizes the other secures more resources for itself, and as a bonus may even be able to use the coercive machinery of government as a club to beat its competitors with.

    To protect ourselves in this current climate, as men, we may need to do both…engage on the victim-rights front, while working to establish a self-supporting, self-sustaining cultural masculinity that is independent of women. (And not defined as a “push back” from women or a branching off of the feminine, as it currently is).

  4. Perhaps 1789 is the crucial date. Michelet, one recalls, claimed that the French Revolution ended the rule of women.

    When I first encountered this observation, I remembered something an old lady told me. She had been the wife of a British Resident in several of the Indian Native States. Fluent in Urdu and Persian (she had spent the first 8 years of her life in India), her task was to visit and cultivate the ladies of the court. She told me that most of the princely states were governed by an informal cabinet, composed of the ruler’s mother, his favourite wife and the chief eunuch – What a picture she painted of some of those terrible old begums!.

    One senses pre-revolutionary Europe was little different.

  5. After reading various MRM sites for a couple of years I came to conclusion that they are not a part of the solution but a part of the problem. They mostly offer egalitarian ways to deal with current situattion, and promote Game which is downright immoral. Their hatred for traditional Christianity is noteworthy. Instead of blaming the Left they keep blaming “socons” for all of their troubles. When confronted with immorality of spending one’s life solely in pursuit of free sex, they get very hateful and will call you a white knight or even worse , a woman, for daring to criticise MEN for anything. They are tiresome, negative and hateful. And they whine, too. They don’t want the return to tradition and in fact, approve of most liberal changes in society, many attack housewives and state that all women should earn an income, etc. Well, the good goes with the bad, you can’t only have positive effects of liberalism and female emancipation (that nice paycheck your wife brings), you will have to accept the negative effects, too. Unfortunately, they don’t understand it. Add to it a martyr and a prosecution complex many of them exhibit, and here is your typical MRA. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule, and surely some of them do a great job criticising feminism, but I’m sceptical whether an alliance is possible between them and traditionally minded Christians, simply because they hate us probably more than they hate feminists.

  6. Great comment, but I would replace Christianity with traditional cultures in general. The MRM is incompatible with all traditional cultures. The MRM is very much part of modern liberal thought.

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