Why I support the Vietnam War

I’m with the Mad Monarchist:

It is a simple rule of mine that, putting aside all the other political junk, any time anyone fights communists they have my full support, regardless of the circumstances.

I said I haven’t supported any American wars in my lifetime, but I support plenty that happened before I was born.  In particular, I’m not one of those paleoconservatives who are so obsessed with American “imperialism” that I would look down on our holy crusade against communist Satanism.  The three decades after WWII were America’s finest hour, when, founderolatry notwithstanding, we had to put aside revolutionary silliness and stand as the party of order and legitimacy.

3 Responses

  1. Fighting communism is fine, but its better when one defeats communism, which we didn’t do in Vietnam. And I’m not talking only about what happened in Indochina. Vietnam created an environment here in the USA in which the lethal bacillus of Lefty nihilism could spread out from the bohemian enclaves and university campuses to infect a large swath of middle America. There was nothing particularly honorable about this, since the “horror” of the war was simply an excuse for respectable Americans to slough off difficult burdens and start indulging in sex ‘n drugs ‘n rock ‘n roll. I’m not saying that people ought to have been demoralized (strict sense) by that war, only that they were, and that that war provided seven league boots to every loathsome lefty movement in America. Everything we detest–feminism, the sexual revolution, nihilism– would be about half its present size if Vietnam had never been fought, and Indochina would be exactly the same.

  2. I might recommend, in this regard, the third part of Peter Hitchen’s recent book, “The Rage Against God”, which is perhaps the best brief and comprehensive treatment of the at once brutal and insidious stance of Soviet Communist rule against anything that might be construed as sacred or holy.

  3. An early (1965) critique of the Vietnam War from an Old Right-reactionary point of view:

    The author says it would have been better to stick with the existing
    elites in Vietnam rather than attempt to impose a Westernized, modernizing, liberal-social democratic regime under Diem. The ideologues running American policy thought they had to preempt a Communist revolution by launching one of their own.

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