Baby in motion: Babyproofing

It occurs to me that I did get a chance to excercise my paternal protector role a month ago when I had to babyproof the apartment.  Yes, after much hesitation, Julie learned to crawl, and now she moves like lightning.

And she pulls herself up.

And she grabs things.  (And she’s gotten very, very good at getting them in her mouth.)

Then so much mischief makes us sleepy.

Not much needed to be done.  The main subtlety is that, since we’re renting an apartment, I didnt’ want to do anything that would create a lot of holes in walls or cabinets.  Basically, the apartment had to be divided in two:  regions that need to be made safe, and regions that needed to be blocked off.  The living room was made safe with outlet plugs, taping down lamps, and attaching book cases to walls.  Bedrooms are blocked off by closed doors.  The kitchen we’re gating off.

And obviously the purpose of this post was to put up Julie pictures.

8 Responses

  1. regions that needed to be blocked off

    How wonderfully authoritarian.

    Do make sure she creates no encampment in the forbidden kitchen in a misguided attempt to occupy it. She might think she is helping, but – like all revolutionaries – would be wrong.

  2. “And obviously the purpose of this post was to put up Julie pictures.”

    A worthy purpose. 🙂

  3. We found that a biggish travel cot (with high mesh see-through sides) was very useful when visiting non-babyproof houses, hotels, babysitters etc.

  4. Lookit those chubby cheeks!

  5. You have a beautiful daughter, Bonald. It’s very good that she has you to look after her.

  6. Thank you. I think she’s as cute as they come.

  7. You have a pretty little girl. Not to be a contrarian, but I have to admit that I deliberately did not baby-proof my home for my children. I made this decision after years of baby sitting for various families and observing the different ways they handled things. My little ones were never playing far from me, and if they weren’t, I was always aware of where they were and what they were up to (the worst that ever happened was that some toilet paper got unrolled). As soon as they were mobile and reached for forbidden kitchen cabinets and so on, I initially redirected them. A second offense got a light slap on the hand and another firm “No.” They learned pretty quickly. The one concession I made was to put covers (supposedly child-proof) on the stove knobs in the apartment we had when my older son was little. He very quickly learned to pull them off. I guess I’m saying that an attentive stay-at-home mother is the ultimate in baby-proofing, and too many people rely on gadgets (and an entire industry has been profiting on parents’ fears and their desire to wrap their child in cotton wool).

  8. Kindly find more opportunities to post pictures of this adorable child.

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