“We are actually ashamed of ceasing to be ungrateful”

We must yield to God when He urges us to let Him reign with us.

Did you hesitate or resist so much when the world sought to seduce you through its passions and pleasures?  Did you resist evil as stoutly as you resist what is good?  When it is a question of going astray, being corrupted, lost, of acting against the inmost consciousness of heart and reason by indulging vanity or sensual pleasure, we are not so afraid of going too far; we choose, we yield unreservedly.  But when the question is to believe that we, who did not make ourselves, were made by an all-wise, all-powerful Hand–to acknowledge that we owe all to Him from whom we received all, and Who made us for Himself, then we begin to hesitate, to deliberate, to foster subtle doubts as to the simplest, plainest matters.  We are afraid of being credulous, we mistrust our own feelings, we shift our ground.  We fear to give to much, though we never gave Him anything yet.  We are actually ashamed of ceasing to be ungrateful, and of letting the world see that we want to serve Him!  In a word, we are as timid, shrinking, and shy about what is good, as we were bold and unhesitatingly decided concerning what is evil.

–Francois Fenelon (from The Royal Way of the Cross, Ed. by H. M. Helms)

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  1. “Mirror, mirror, on the wall…”

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