The spectre of communism

Evil days are coming, my friends.  Poles are turning toward pig-utilitarianism.  Americans are turning toward communism.

The very name “Occupy X” signals one’s coercive, militant nature.  The Conservative Heritage Times has linked to some of the enemy’s statements.  Having read them to make sure I didn’t miss any wider context, I can say that they represent an attack on everything we hold dear:  the patriarchal family, cultural distinctiveness, national sovereignty.  Those who’ve visited their entrenchments have seen that the embrace of communism is completely explicit.  In Rome, they have already begun attacking churches.  Their goal, we can have no doubt, is nothing less than the creation of a world communist slave state.

Some libertarians are saying that we should sympathize with the Occupiers.  They may be incoherent and misguided, they say, but they mean well and are responding to genuine outrages.  True conservatives will not be so foolish.  These are communists.  Communism is the ultimate evil, humanity’s most fully developed expression of the Satanic hatred of Divine Order.  You can’t collaborate with communists.  You can’t appease them.  You can’t reason with them.  The only thing that pacifies a communist is to put a bullet through his skull.  If the communists are not met with overpowering force, we might as well get ready to be shipped off to the gulags, because make no mistake:  we Christian conservatives are part of “the one percent” they’re slating for extermination.

3 Responses

  1. I’m glad you brought this up, as it’s something that I’ve been concerned about (I mentioned it in a post here: As the modern consensus disintegrates, something is going to have to change, but will the outcome necessarily be exterminationist (much less directed against us)? It’s at least conceivable that the modern project will metamorphose into something else, or that its followers will realize the logical implications of their beliefs and simply kill themselves.

  2. Whoops, that’s me. Accidentally signed in with the WordPress account I’m setting up.

  3. How about we just don’t show up for the fight between the lefties and the super-lefties?

    Did you read the disgusting article by the dirty neocon? Stalin’s big crime was killing a few Trots in the purges? Mao’s big crime was offing some commie functionaries in the cultural revolution? Absolutely sickening. Fuck him and his sleazy corporate paymasters. Auster and Fox News are not your friends.

    Let’s criticise the commies and then criticise the neocons when they call out Blackwater to mow them down.

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