Last week, there was some kind of protest march at my university.  I’m not sure what they were protesting–presumably patriarchy, racism, or capitalism; it’s always one of those, right?–but I heard them as they passed by the physics building.  Even though I was presumably safe nine floors off the ground in my office, experiencing the presence of the Leftist hivemind is an unsettling experience.  My job involves constant interactions with the student body in my teaching, research, and outreach.  My position is one of authority, which they always respect, and which I excercise very scrupulously.  Everything seems so civilized.  Then a march will happen–they happen at every university, and always in the service of evil–and I’m reminded how fragile it all is.  One charismatic Leftist bully can turn them all into a howling mob, mindlessly chanting slogans, enraged to the point of unreason.  They’d like nothing better than to catch an isolated papist like me and smash my face into the sidewalk.

I head them walking, and I heard their voices:  “Five!  Six!  Seven!  Eight!  No more violence!  No more hate!”  Horrible to remember.  To these students–perhaps some of them have been or will soon be my own students–I’m worse than an insect.  While we exterminate insects in our homes, nobody goes out into the woods and tries to eradicate them altogether.  But to Leftists, my beliefs in gender essentialism and particularism are “hate” and should not be allowed to exist anywhere.  Even going into hiding isn’t enough; to the apostles of tolerance and automony, our very existence is hateful.  We will have no pity from these mobs.  “Hate” has no rights that the righteous are bound to respect.

No doubt Leftist readers will think I’m being a sissy to dread these harmless displays of student “idealism”.  I would ask them to imagine what it would feel like if they were the hate-object of so much idealism.  Marches are not peaceful gatherings; the martial name gives it all away.  Their whole purpose is intimidation.  No one is going to be converted by their silly slogans.  The stuff they shout is so meaningless, one couldn’t even tell, from them alone, what one is supposed to convert to.  What they’re supposed to do, and what they succeed brilliantly in doing, is demonstrating to everyone that the Left controls the mob.  They feel more powerful, and we on the Right realize how unpopular we are.  We feel that our homeland is not really ours, and that the police are the only force keeping us off the lamp posts.

A couple of thoughts came into my mind.  First:  man is an ape, and only the policeman’s stick and the hangman’s noose maintain a veneer of civilization.  Second:  God bless tyrants everywhere.  They hold the mob in check.  A tyrant can be reasoned with, or, failing that, his cruelty may eventually be satiated.  But a mob, never!

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  1. You have my sympathies. My recent encounter with the hivemind over at my blog was unsettling enough. The funny thing is that these dumb bastards probably can’t even articulate a reason why “hatred” or “violence” are bad — which stands to reason, since they’re perfectly willing to hate and use violence (or the threat thereof) themselves. As witnessed by my recent encounter with the hivemind over at my blog.

  2. brings to mind Machiavelli – the mob is imminently useful to those who know how to use it – as to your experience, I think things like that are good reminders of the Leftist hate. I rarely ever experience leftist hate, so sometimes I tend to forget that it’s still out there and as vibrant as it ever was. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Could the mob ever be co-opted for your purposes?

    Or has the full force of liberalism been directed to eliminate that possibility since at least World War II?

    Your tyrant doesn’t exist here. The effectiveness of the liberal state’s police protection is contingent upon liberalism’s waning tolerance for religious minorities.

    So really the only thing to counter a mob is another mob.

    Quakerist pacifism, incompetent religious formation and other clerical malfeasance have left the Church without the basic fodder for self-defense against violence: loyal youth who can hold their own in a fight.

    How ever are Catholics supposed to fight off a torch-carrying mob now?

  4. Excellent point, More Anon. I just can’t imagine a non-Leftist mob, though. I know historically that they have existed, but it just seems hard to fathom.

  5. Maybe because there’s a whole class of non-profit organizations dedicated to monitoring enemy militant (“hate”) groups, so as to destroy them before they’re large enough to raise a mob like the “good guys”? One of my first qualms with progressives was wondering why anti-Communism was defined as evil instead of “monitoring anti-bourgeoisie hate groups.”

  6. I was alluding to activist monitors (and controllers) with my comment about the “full force of liberalism.”

    In the U.S. right-wing mobs tended to be anti-Catholic nativist or Klan types. It’s no wonder that Catholics tended to ally with the left against that kind of right.

    However, the old ethnic neighborhoods did provide a base for “mob action” with rightist elements. The Fr. Coughlin-sympathizing Christian Front might be one instance, though I suspect its threat was exaggerated.

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