Rise of the baby-murder and sodomy party in Poland

Led by a wife-abandoner in a country that owes everything to the Catholic Church and, until a few years ago, remembered it.  Now they’re getting ready to embrace atheist utilitarian pig morality with open arms.  That’s what democracy does to a people.

Curse all of Europe.  May the whole filthy continent sink into the ocean.

9 Responses

  1. “Curse all of Europe. May the whole filthy continent sink into the ocean.”

    Will you at least send me over a rubber dingy first?

  2. Ugghh! My ancestral homeland! So proud, and now brought at last to ruin. Jan III Sobieski is weeping in Heaven.

  3. Christ save us!

  4. He sounds like a complete moron as well. It takes a special kind of cluelessness (or a special kind of chutzpah) to accuse abortion opponents of “nihilism”.

  5. The party got 10% of the vote-it’s only important because Poland uses PR. If you get no more than 10% of the vote in the US you are soon as forgotten as John Anderson.

  6. JP II the Greatest was wrong again. Poland would not re-evangelize Europe.

  7. Don’t count Poland out quite yet!

  8. Hello More Anon,

    That’s an excellent point! I wouldn’t be surprised to find heavy foreign interference at work here. Of course, once a country is successfully corrupted (and Poland is near the tipping point), it doesn’t matter anymore who started it.

    Always worth remembering, though, what an incredible force for evil the United States is in the world.

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