Why we should raise the minimum wage

Ron Unz explains.  (See especially pages 6-7.)

6 Responses

  1. Ron Unz is fanatically pro-non-white-immigration, which in my book is fanatically pro-genocide-of-whites.

  2. Predictably, Steve Sailer nails one of the main objections to this in vdare. Why are the scofflaws currently illegally employing illegals going to get all law abiding vis a vis the min wage? And why is the government, so casual about enforcing employers’ obligation not to employ illegals, going to get all anal about how much said illegals are paid?

    Another obvious problem is blacks. Min wage disproportionately affects black and especially teenage black employment. Will more unemployed black teenagers be a good thing?

    But, it is smart sillies all the way down. The problem isn’t that this or that policy isn’t properly tuned. The problem is that our evil elite wants the Mexodus.

  3. Bill,

    Unz answers that objection in the article and Sailer seems to admit that it has some force (in this post), though he also says he doesn’t trust prosecution to do the job. The main point is that it’s a whole lot simpler to enforce a minimum wage law; the employer can’t reasonably plead ignorance and employees aren’t going to put up with being cheated out of a couple bucks an hour

  4. No matter whether Unz’s proposal would work (I really don’t know enough), I’m glad that he points out something that I’ve noticed at my own job, which is that, at least in the big city where I live, the minimum wage is reserved mostly for illegal immigrants. Merely being legal practically guarantees that an immigrant worker will be working at least one or two dollars above minimum wage, if not more.

  5. He addresses the objection. Addresses isn’t the same as answers. I didn’t mention the “immigration laws are not enforced because employers might mumble farcical, pretextual excuses” argument because I found it embarrassingly stupid. You know, for example, that “she showed me an id saying she is 18” will not get you out of a statutory rape rap, right? The federal government chooses not to enforce immigration laws. It will similarly choose not to enforce min wage laws for illegals. Those who complain will be deported. Or something. The plan will increase both illegal immigration and illegal immigrant employment by pricing the competition out of the market.

    Tax protesters are fascinating. These guys really believe that the income tax is unconstitutional and that if they could just discover the exact right way to argue in court, they would convince the courts to let them not pay taxes. They don’t understand. The judges don’t give a crap about their arguments. They don’t even give a crap about whether or not the income tax is unconstitutional. Rather, they are determined to enforce the tax code, and no argument will change their minds. It’s the same here.

    Immigration will be intentionally reduced when the federal government is run by people determined to do that. It won’t be tricked down by some dippy double carom shot.

  6. This post was a complete mistake. You sound like one of the hippies from the “Occupy America” protests.

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