Adam, Eve, and all those extra alleles

There have been some good posts lately on how to square monogenism with the observed genetic diversity of the human race.  See Edward Feser and Mike Flynn.  While not new, these issues have also been dealt with by another illustrious blogger.

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  1. Dear Bonaldus,
    I am surprised and shocked by the prevalence among otherwise rational, thoughtful Catholics of the theory of post-Adamic copulation with sub-humans. I will explain why this theory DOES NOT WORK. God created Adam and Eve and joined them in matrimony. Matrimony requires rational consent. It is to last until death. Let’s say that Adam and Eve mate and have children. Then those children, per your theory, mate with sub-humans (irrational brutes). Well, those matings aren’t marriages, are they? No, they aren’t, as the sub-humans lack reason and free will. So God provides the model for marriage in Adam and Eve so that He can then turn around and, presumably for several generations, have the children of the first marriage forget what marriage is.
    Face it: in the first generations of man, the rules against incest were suspended. Mating with one’s sibling is a far lesser violation/exception to the natural law than mating with an animal, which is what irrational brutes (even very human-looking ones) are. Presumably in the preternatural arrangement of things God provided Adam and Eve with enough genetic variance for their immediate progeny to mate with each other without yielding serious genetic disorders. In the second generation you would find first cousins mating, which is common enough around the world even now. Within three to four generations we reach the point where consanguinity would no longer pose much of a problem. Same thing with Noah and his descendants.
    Disgusting that in the first generation after Adam and Eve we have siblings marrying? Well, they wouldn’t be even as closely related as Adam and Eve since Eve came from Adam’s side, a relationship even closer than that of siblings. And mating with brutes is much worse.
    The idea of Adam’s children mating with non-humans is a sick, sick deviation from traditional Christian teaching and a shameful symptom of rapprochement with modernity. Please cease and desist.


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