Forced to approve sin

Alan Roebuck’s strongest statement yet on the modern predicament (excerpts follow):

What is unprecedented is not the widespread occurrence of sin, nor even the widespread approval thereof.  These have been common through history.  It is the institutionalized, officially mandated approval of sin that is unprecedented.  Widespread sin is bad enough; even worse is the approval thereof. But worst of all is for society’s leaders to promote the approval of sin….

We must face facts: America, for the most part, approves of liberalism.  Most Americans at least act as if they approve of agnosticism, nondiscrimination, and socialism.  Many Americans disagree in their private lives, but most act as if they approve of these principles ruling the public square.  And therefore American society becomes ever more disordered.

This leads to an obvious question.  What organized force is capable of producing a more properly ordered America?  We must reject the two most common answers: “Political organizations” and “Nothing can be done; we just have to evangelize individuals and pray.”  Political organizations must be popular and therefore they cannot afford to oppose the leftist premises that are the ultimate cause of the disorder but are also popular.  And Christian evangelism concerns the beliefs of individuals, not the structure of society.  Evangelism and prayer may set the stage, but re-ordering society always requires deliberate, organized action.

Christian evangelism (at least of the protestant variety, and the author is a Protestant) only deals with the beliefs and actions of individuals, but social order is not determined by individuals.  Society’s order — meaning the totality of its laws, rules, regulations, customs, traditions, and so on — is distinct from the beliefs of its individuals, although each obviously influences the other.  Social order does not emerge spontaneously from the collective beliefs of its individuals.  Order is deliberately built through processes that are largely invisible and poorly understood.

Consider: Why has the passage of so many defense-of-marriage laws done nothing to defeat the leftist campaign for the full legalization and legitimacy of same-sex pseudo-marriage?  Because social order is not primarily created by the visible processes of politics such as elections and legislative action.  Something deeper is at work, as the left successfully manipulates the institutions that determine the basic beliefs and practices of Americans so that more and more of them become willing to allow same sex pseudo-marriage.

Towards the end, Roebuck mentions and rejects my proposal for a Muslim-Christian alliance.  What’s more interesting, he rejects the strategy of exclusive focus on individual conversion, as seen above.


I will be out of town for a week–my wife and I are taking Julie to meet the rest of the family in Illinois–so I probably will be scarce for a while.  (And when I get back, it’s only a week before the semester starts–yikes!)  I really appreciate all your comments, and I’m sorry that I often can’t respond promptly.

2 Responses

  1. This is a really good piece by Alan R which powerfully and swiftly captures the insane horror of the current situation.

    This is the actuality of moral inversion which Dostoievsky predicted as a consequence of atheism.

  2. I should have done so earlier but thank you, Bonald, for publicizing my essay.

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