The remarkable George Weigel

I guess when you write a really long biography of a pope, you get special insider information from the Vatican.  George Weigel must get papal encyclicals sent straight to his home that the rest of us don’t get to see.  How else can one explain this:

…the Catholic Church has made clear for three decades now that, under modern conditions, democracy is morally superior to other forms of governance

Really?  Democracy is morally superior to all other forms of government?  Mob rule is better than Catholic monarchy?  And this is part of the Catholic faith, that I must believe on peril of my soul?  I wonder when this memo is going to be shared with the rest of the Church.  Of course, it’s inconceivable that George Weigel might be making shit up and calling it Catholic doctrine.

5 Responses

  1. LOL! Of course, when we actually find his source it will say in effect that democracy is the preferred form of government *at the present time,* just as a general policy discouraging capital punishment is necessary in the present conflict against the reigning culture of death.

  2. Three decades is 1981, so I guess he is referring to JPII’s warm snugglies for democracy. But, I wonder whether the late Holy Father would have retained that private judgement had he seen how things would work out in Poland?

    Weigel also seems to have some private definition of the word “totalitarian.” China is now an authoritarian state, not a totalitarian one. His point 3 seems strong to me, though.

  3. hahaha BOOM

  4. I read a Weigel article the other day where he said that the libertarians who were instrumental in the passage of gay marriage in New York were in fact not true libertarians! The levels of BS out of many of these fusionist Catholic liberals is truly astounding at least many of hardcore libertarians are honest. Take Rothbard, he saw the American Revolution for the radical revolution that it was. He did not have time for this “conservative revolution” nonsense. The Novaks, Weigels and Woods of the world have basically retarded any real traditional Catholic political movement in this country. All of sudden Classical Liberalism is rooted in Catholic Social Teaching, Locke is an arch-traditionalist as was Jefferson who likely read St. Thomas (when he wasn’t raping one of his slaves.)

  5. Apparently Weigel has recently been writing pseudonymously for the Catholic Herald where he’s been scathingly critical of the recent synod. Also, he managed to speak sensibly about the nature of sacraments. I’m impressed, I didn’t think he had it in him. (His cover was blown by NCR).

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