It doesn’t matter what their IQ is; what matters is that they hate us.

I don’t understand why illiberal sites like Alternative Right and The Occidental Observer are always going on about IQ.  They think it terribly important that white Christians know that blacks are dumber than they are, while Jews are smarter.  Biology is supposedly the source of all our problems.  Those of us who focus on culture and religion are supposedly cowards, who are supposedly using these concerns to keep from facing the harsh biological reality.  This can’t be right, though.  Suppose I were to divide the white population up, calling everyone with an IQ above 120 an “alpha”, everyone with an IQ between 90 and 120 a “beta”, and everyone with an IQ below 90 a “gamma”.  If IQ were everything, white alphas should be as big an adversary to Christendom as the Jews, and white gammas should be as big a social problem for America as the blacks (indeed, much worse, because there are more of them).  This is clearly not the case.  I’m sure if we were to look into it, alphas are overrepresented in cultural subversion and gammas in violent crime. but alphas would also be overrepresented in cultural preservation and gammas in the muscle-work of the establishment.  The big difference is that nobody thinks of himself as a “gamma”, while many people do think of themselves as black.  Being black isn’t an IQ range; it’s a whole identity.  It correlates strongly with certain beliefs and loyalties.  What we find disturbing about the Jews and the blacks is their hostility to our civilization.  For them, America and the West are evil; these are their ancestral enemies; not only do they not share our loyalty to our nation and civilization, they actually would welcome their destruction.  Our ancestors, whom we revere, they regard as criminals.  This makes them a moral threat, which bothers us more even than physical threats.  When I meet a black man, it’s very unlikely that he’s going to mug me.  It’s quite likely, though, that he regards my society as illegitimate and my cultural-ethnic heritage as shameful.  When I meet a Jew, it’s a near certainty that he feels this way.  Thus, black violence bothers us more than white violence, because it seems more meaningful.  If a white steals my TV, I chalk it up to senseless greed; if a black man does it, the disturbing thought crosses my mind that he might have felt entitled to.

Why does this bother us so much?  It annoys but doesn’t disturb me that gypsies think its all right to steal from the rest of us.  But that blacks feel entitled to my money and Mexicans to my land disturbs me in a different way.  I think it is because all the anti-Christian, ant-Western propaganda we’ve endured has gotten to us.  We don’t feel confident that our culture, religion, or race deserve to survive.  We believe they do, but we recognize it as a disputable point.  We’ve been taught to feel shame over our European heritage.  We’ve rejected that shame, but not escaped it; it has left its mark.  There’s a sensitive spot that certain minorities are very good at hitting.

Then there’s the rational reason for worry.  Blacks and Jews have willingly–enthusiastically!–given themselves over to the role of wedge minority, as those “poor excluded others” in whose interests the liberals claim justification for smashing our culture to bits.  We have to be honest about it:  they’re on the enemy’s side, and we’ll never win them over.  I used to maintain hope that wedge minorities could be won over by pointing out how their own traditions and group cohesion are ultimately threatened by liberal individualism.  I’ve now come to believe that liberalism destroys wedge minority cultures faster even than those the liberals are attacking.  Minorities’ self-understanding is remolded to fit their role as victims.  Ask a black to describe black identity, and it will all have to do with being oppressed by the white man.  He doesn’t know anything positive about African culture; what he thinks of as “African values” were manufactured in the past few decades by Leftist academics in their “Afrocentric” fairy tales.  Ask a Jew what it means to be a Jew, and you’ll hear about “tolerance”, “human rights”, and of course, vivid consciousness of being an outsider.

We must remember, though, that wedge minorities are ultimately a distraction.  The liberals say “you boys can’t have that tree-house there, because that excludes girls!”, but they don’t really care about girls feeling excluded.  What they care about is stopping those boys from making themselves feel included.  They say “Don’t brag about your fathers and grandfathers because it will make people from other families feel bad”, but they don’t care about other families.  They care about erasing filial devotion.  The Leftist will never be happy until the atomism which is the sickness of his soul is spread to everyone everywhere.  Our job as reactionaries should always be to bring things back to the real issue.

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  1. I don’t understand why illiberal sites like Alternative Right and The Occidental Observer are always going on about IQ.

    They’re Nietzscheans having their Nietzschean fantasies.

  2. Good point, Tomas.

  3. American blacks hate us so much, they don’t even want to share names with us. That is no joke.

    This really hit me strongly when I started encountering African blacks. They will all take Christian names.

    It is certainly an interesting thought experiment: would you rather live in a multi-ethnic Christian Kingdom, or a White nationalistic atheist/pagan state?

    I, for one, would choose the former. (Although, the ultimate ideal might be the original U.S.A. itself, which was intended as White nationalist and Christian.)

  4. I don’t understand why illiberal sites like Alternative Right and The Occidental Observer are always going on about IQ. They think it terribly important that white Christians know that blacks are dumber than they are, while Jews are smarter.

    Race realists and IQ realists are motivated by a variety of things. Some are just goofballs committed to telling the truth about things and indignant that truth-tellers are punished. Some feel keen loyalty to their race, see the multicult as a deadly enemy, and see tabula rasa as the key ideological prop of their enemies. Some think that cultural changes have a salient interaction with IQ—for example, high IQ people still do the nuclear family thing, while low IQ people do not—and this interaction is important in understanding and combating the bad guys. So, for example, wrecking our public morality hurts Jews very little, whites a significant amount, and blacks a whole lot.

    Many of them are critiquing the modern West from a much less radical place than you are. They basically believe the whole Masonic Enlightenment Bullshit, but think that the project has been derailed or mislead or something by the multicult. So, for them, establishing in the public mind that race matters will fix things and make the MEB work. For them, MEB is a great idea. The differences in outcomes between black and white threaten MEB since they seem to belie its promises of meritocracy and justice. Having an explanation, “blacks are dumb,” fixes that.

    There is also a strategic element. They hope that telling the truth about the central, critical lie that the multicult is built on will put them in a special position when the multicult fails. “We told you the truth all along!” Also, they recognize just how powerful a club “racism” is. It is the A-bomb of their enemies. Disarming it, falsifying it, destroying it will, in their view, weaken their enemies severely.

    For us, the question is whether knocking down the multicult with race realism will take down the MEB with it and generate an atmosphere better suited to Catholic Monarchy. I’m kinda doubtful, but maybe. Our selling point going forward is something like “Catholic Monarchy worked well in governing the multiethnic, multireligious Austro-Hungarian Empire, so it will work well in the US.” So, we want to establish that there is essential diversity, that essential diversity is not consistent with democracy, and that it is consistent with Monarchy. IQ and race realism are useful for the existence proof.

  5. Hi Justin,

    I’d definitely choose the former. I actually don’t feel any particular attachment to the white race or aversion to living among other races. What I am adverse to, though, is living among people who hate me, and I’m forced to conclude that that would include most blacks.

  6. Hello Bill,

    Great analysis. I hadn’t thought of your “diversity as an reason to chuck democracy” argument; I’ll have to keep that in mind for later use. Given the investment liberals have in their belief that all races are statistically equal in every way, I admit that I would find it gratifying to see this belief soundly discredited. My own belief system doesn’t require me to take a stand either way on race differences, but it’s always nice to see one’s enemy tripped up. I suppose that’s something I share with the race realists.

  7. Why are you “forced to conclude that would include most blacks”?

  8. The story of the suppression of IQ knowledge, from the mid-1960s, changing in public perception from a mainstream meritocratic Leftist platitude to the vilest Fascist taboo – is an exemplar of the workings of *New* Leftism/ political correctness – if you don’t know the story, it is well worth finding out. Here are some starters:

  9. Hi Morticia,

    The collective memory of being oppressed by people like me is such a big part of their culture and identity, they’d have to be superhuman not to hate me. Not surprisingly, blacks are as human as the rest of us. Take this comment a few days ago from Alte:

    Well, a lot of “traditionalism” really is just racism hiding behind nostalgia. They’re basically longing for a glorious past where the brown people weren’t so uppity. Hard to sympathize with that goal, I’m afraid, and not come off like a jerk.

    If traditionalists can’t convince Alte of all people of our good intentions, winning the respect of blacks just can’t be done. The centuries of racial antipathy have left too deep a mark.

  10. I think you are misreading Alte. Many trads are obsessed with race which isn’t compatible with the evangelical aims of Christianity. You can’t go on and on about how inferior blacks are and how evil Jews are and expect them to convert to your religion.

    I would guess that Alte and Terry are more self-identifying as Christians than as a member of an oppressed class.

  11. I wasn’t talking about you, Bonald, so stop being so touchy. LOL

    Not every traditionalist is as open-minded or religious as you are (many are not even Christians, you know). I’ve had trad-trolls show up on my old blog and write nasty comments about how black women are all whores or how Catholicism should be reserved for white people. There are a not-insignificant number of traditionalists who put race before religion (i.e. they would “definitely choose the latter”), which is something I simply cannot sign onto.

    That is what I’m referring to.

  12. Hello Alte,

    I’m sorry if I’ve misrepresented you. I haven’t dealt with this type of traditionalist you’re talking about (thank heaven), although there do seem to be quite a few of them in the Alternate Right/Occidental Observer crowd. These usually present themselves as HBD/Darwinist rather than traditionalist, though.

    I’m very sorry, and a bit ashamed, that you’ve been subjected to such abuse from my fellow traditionalists. I don’t know what the hell they’re thinking.

  13. Bonald, as the “final third” of the trio of editors at TC (along with Alte and Morticia), and one who is fully a black American, let me state for the record that both my husband and I fully appreciate that we are blessed to live in this country.

    In fact, we were discussing recently the difference between Eastern and Western Europe and how what is viewed in hindsight as atrocity (and often is atrocity in real time) can usher in an age of progressive improvement for the descendants.

    Yes, slavery was bad. But we’d much rather be living here than in Africa, thankyouverymuch.

    We teach our children the importance of American history. But we do teach the good, the bad, and the ugly. As Christians first and foremost we feel a full understanding of history is important and that to worship any person or institution of government before Our Creator is a recipe for disappointment.

    I don’t think Alte was attempting to criticize traditionalists as a whole. She was simply speaking to the racially obsessed elements of traditionalism, who have no use for people like me who agree with them more than disagree.

  14. […] Bonald has an interesting post up about the strange focus “race realists” have on IQ differences between races, rather than the traditionalist focus on cultural and religion. Since all three of TC’s editors were interested enough in the topic to comment in his thread, it seems only fair to give it a bump over here. […]

  15. Great analysis, Bill. I hadn’t thought of it that way.

  16. —>

    Traditionalism means an appreciation for what makes us what we are, all the dimensions of what we are, what our civilization is. A view that reduces us and our civilization to race, or that makes race the primary factor, is woefully incomplete and distorted. Race is a part of the structure of reality that makes us what we are, and liberalism denies that. But God and transcendent truth are also part of the structure of reality that makes us what we are, and the Darwinian racialists deny that….
    Most Christians today are anti-racialists, a view incompatible with the survival of the West. Most racialists are non-Christians and reductive materialists, a view incompatible with the survival of the West. The key insight is that Western man and Western civilization are multi-layered. A view that takes just one part of the whole and treats it as the whole is no good. The West cannot survive unless it goes beyond these reductive, partial views and starts to see things whole. The true thinkers of Western civilization, the authors of the Hebrew Bible, Plato, Aristotle, Cicero, the founders of Christianity, Augustine, were never reductionists, they saw the multileveled nature of reality, and man as its epitome. Modern Western man has lost that. Western survival depends on regaining it.

  17. Hello terri,

    Thank you for sharing a non-hostile black perspective. I don’t have any problem with blacks having a vivid collective memory of their sufferings under slavery, and they should treasure memories of the heroic perseverance of their ancestors. What sometimes worries me is the tendency to make slavery and segregation the defining features of white Christendom, making our civilization wholy corrupt. This seeme unfair, just as it’s unfair for some traditionalists to reduce Islam to a conspiracy for attacking and conquering infidels. It’s not that we/they’ve never done the activity in question, or that it wasn’t bad, but it’s not the central thing about us/them.

  18. I’m sure your liberal enemies are shaking in their boots. The Far Right is divided along the Christian/Nietzschean/Weird Viking Bullshit line. Websites like these are essentially fantasy outlets for people who want to feel better than the society at large.

  19. I don’t think Alte was attempting to criticize traditionalists as a whole. She was simply speaking to the racially obsessed elements of traditionalism, who have no use for people like me who agree with them more than disagree.

    Race matters it just isn’t the totality of society as much as religion/spirituality matters but isn’t the totality of society either. Both are important and essential.

  20. Without the one true God (praise Allah), people behave like animals. Islam is superior to Christianity because true Muslims do not tolerate violations of the one true law.

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