Sometimes the double standard applied to wedge minorities and the host population is so blatant, even those of us who expect such things are shocked.

1) From View from the Right:  Media only notice black flash mobs when whites start talking about defending themselves

Paul K.writes:

You recently commented on the MSM concern that black flash mobs might lead to racial profiling. Here is a TV news reportfrom a Pennsylvania Fox affiliate in which journalists worry that citizens may be arming themselves to avoid being victimized by flash mobs. In not one single case so far has a rampaging black youth been shot by an intended victim, but the newsman worries that we could have “a nightmare in the making,” as if we don’t have a nightmare already.The newsman and woman reporter–both apparently of mixed race–repeatedly stress that mob participants are “children” and “kids” not deserving such an overreaction. A black police captain, clearly sympathizing with the thugs, says, “We’re talking about shooting children,” and expresses concern about citizens using guns instead of their cell phones. (He’s evidently unfamiliar with the saying, “When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.”)

The police captain talks about “children” even though the security-camera footage shows a mall being looted by great hulking brutes six feet in height. Granted they may have been 13 or 14 years old, but anyone who knows what middle-school students look like knows that many are full grown. The newswoman’s voice cracks as she worries what might befall these kids, ending her report with, “It’s kids–kids!”

To which the newsman answers, “Yeah, we’ve got to remember that.”

So please, people–as you’re lying on the ground being kicked into a coma, let your last thought be, “They’re just children!”

2) From Kevin MacDonald: Jewish Australian MP:  bring Israel’s African immigrants to Australia

Michael Danby, a Jewish MP in the Australian Parliament, has “enthusiastically agreed” to the idea of bringing to Australia thousands of Africans who have illegally immigrated to Israel (“Danny Danon: Send African Immigrants to Australia“; Jerusalem Post). The idea originated with Danny Danon, a Likud MP well known for his far right views. (Here he is in the NYTimes advocating that Israel annex the West Bank.)  Being a good rightist, Danon thinks that the immigrants are a threat to the Jewish identity of Israel: “The arrival of thousands of Muslim infiltrators to Israeli territory is a clear threat to the state’s Jewish identity. … On the one hand, it treats the refugees and migrants in a humane way. On the other hand, it does not threaten Israel’s future and our goal to maintain a clear and solid Jewish majority.”

The implicit idea is that Australia, being a traditionally European society, has no identity at all except to abstract principles. So it’s not surprising that Danby wholeheartedly agrees with the plan. Being a good Jew in Australia means being an enthusiastic cheerleader for non-White immigration—long the policy of the organized Jewish community in Australia and throughout the Jewish Diaspora in the West.

2 Responses

  1. Of all the nations of the world, Israel tolerates within its borders more of an existential threat to its existence – from the Other – than anywhere else I can think of.
    The numbers of Islamic Arabs in Israel who have citizenship is formidable.
    And I can see, almost, why L. Auster and Mr. Danby should be treated as interchange-able. Such that it would represent a loathsome inconsistency if they (being the same person for all practical purposes) expressed differing opinions about immigration in different contexts.
    Auster might be a cranky old guy but he is undeniably very brave – to have blogged away as he has. Plus, he is a baptized Episcopalian. As am I.

  2. If the Jews face any “existential threat” in Israel, it is because of the long track record of genocide, displacement, and abuse of those around them. If they would start acting like citizens and neighbors in a modern multi-ethnic state (as many Israelis are calling for), rather than as dominators and overlords in a racist aparteid police state, it might still not be too late to secure peace.

    In short, it is the Zionist attitude of paranoia and aggression which is main existential threat, not only to Israel, but to the whole Mid-East, indeed, the whole world.

    Research the Sampson Option for further details.

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