Who is “Boswell”?

Michael Paterson-Seymour shares with us Ronald Knox’s brilliant satire of biblical scholarship:  “Materials for a Boswellian Problem”.  My first impression is to be amazed at the care that seems to have gone into this work of mock-scholarship.

4 Responses

  1. Napoleon similarly never existed. His life is a composite of stories about the sun god Apollo:


  2. Mr. Boswell is a huge part of the reason that 3/4ths of the world nowadays SPEAKS ENGLISH!!!!

  3. Does the concept of “The British Royal Navy” – that Boswell basically created largley by himself the 17th century out of thin air – like…ring a bell?
    Think carefully, before you answer..

  4. Mgr Knox’x memory was legendary.

    On one occasion, he took the train from Paddington to Oxford, where he was the Catholic chaplain. He spent about a quarter of an hour, staring at the Times Crossword.

    “Need any help, Padre?” asked a kindly undergraduate, who was sitting next to him..

    “Just finished, thank you.” replied Knox, took out a pencil and filled it in, without pause or hesitation.

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