Amish apologize for Holocaust

From Alternative Right, citing an article in Jewish Issues Examiner:  At Last, the Amish Apologize for the Holocaust.  Words fail.

I think its important, though, for us to point out that what these Amish did wasn’t just silly; it was evil.  It is slander.  Their apology affirms that their ancestors did something culpably wrong in the 1940’s, when that is a plain and obvious lie.  They have sinned against truth and against piety–these are their own grandfathers they’re talking about, after all.  And that’s just the worst of it.  By bowing to the Holocaust propaganda machine, they have made it harder on those Christian groups who haven’t yet sold out our forefathers.  After all, if the Amish are willing to apologize for–what was it exactly?–how dare Catholics refuse to affirm the communist-manufactured lies about Pope Pius XII that the Jewish propaganda machine have latched onto?  And there’s the fact that the Amish used forbidden technology to go to Israel.  The Jewish Issues Examiner condescendingly refers to gentile moral principles as matters of emotional comfort, things that must give way to the only true moral imperative of groveling before designated victims.  Lastly, they’ve announced that they’re replacing a perfectly good foreign policy (none) with a reckless and silly one (uncritical Zionism).

There must be a back story here.  Are the Amish hoping to attract tourists?  Is this part of some kind of power play, where one faction has something to gain by racking up outside praise or lowering the authority of past generations?  Did somebody pressure the Amish to do this?  I don’t believe the Jews would bully the Amish about this, but as for the philosemites, I don’t think there’s any depth to which they wouldn’t sink.

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  1. I like your point about the sin against filial piety. To apologize for sins my forefathers did not commit is a crime against my forefathers, especially when I’ve done it to win some accolade or advantage in the present. Even when one descends from forefathers who behaved in deplorable ways, one owes it to their memory to be sure they are not represented as more deplorable than they actually were.

    I’m not the first to say it, but this politics of guilt and atonement is a result of moral and religious confusion. Once an individual looses the ability to discern, confess, and expiate the sins he actually has committed (individually), he will begin to discern, confess, and expiate sins he hasn’t (allegedly as a group).

  2. I have been saying for some time now that Orthodox Judaism and Anabaptist Christianity are the only two moral groups left, and this article supports my point. Thank you bonald for linking to this article.

  3. “The delegation members stressed that they weren’t seeking any kind of gesture from the Jewish people. They also were not seeking to proselytize.”

    Aside from their idiotic Zionism, more importantly, they have fully abandoned Christ’s command to evangelize all nations.

  4. I have a lot of admiration for both of them.

  5. A very important book was published in 1997 called, “The Myth of Rescue” by William Rubinstein. In it, a strong case was made that nothing the Allies could have done short of beating the Nazis sooner could have prevented even one death that Hitler intended. “Speaking out” – or not – was always beside the point and everyone concerned with this issue in the 2nd WW period understood that pretty well.
    The truth of what Hitler was up to was in fact announced to the public many times during the war. The problem was not silence, it was the German Army.
    More than anything, the Amish appear naive and un-learned in this matter.

  6. The policy of unconditional surrender for Germany in WW2 was something the Allies were never going to back away from. There are several reasons, starting with Allied paranoia about German efforts to perfect an atomic bomb. Until very late in the game, they were very worried that the Germans were ahead in that race. Therefore, any thing short of complete control and careful inspection of their capabilities was seen as a waste of time. A German bomb would have negated all their efforts and cost them the war, even if there was a “settlement” somewhere in the meantime.

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