Eastern Europeans horning in on Jewish victim racket, New Republic editor complains

We all know that it’s a lot easier to be an anti-semite than it used to be.  It used to be that denying the Holocaust earned you this title.  Now, it seems that even regarding the murder of a greater number of gentiles as a crime of equal magnitude is a sign of nefarious intentions.  In this article, James Kirchick reviews Timothy Snyder’s Bloodlands:  Europe Between Hitler and Stalin, which sounds like a very interesting (if deeply unpleasant, due to the subject matter) book about the parallel mass-murders of Stalin and Hitler in Eastern Europe during the 30s and 40s.  By their accounting, Hitler murdered 11 million, Stalin 6-9 million (only counting noncombatants, I believe).  That’s 6 million Jews, 11-14 million gentiles.  But, Kirchick and Snyder assure us, the Jewish victims were special.  Why so?  As Snyder notes, the extermination of the Jews had special features.  No doubt.  I’m sure every mass murder is unique in its own way, but what feature makes one so much more important than others?  He suggests that it was the deliberate attempt to eliminate a whole ethnicity, as opposed to an equal number of unrelated persons, that makes the Holocaust so hienous.  I’m not sure how Snyder and Kirchick can reconcile this with the egalitarian individualism they presumably share.  The claim that decimating another ethnicity is worse than directing comparable violence against one’s own is hardly self-evident.  One could easily argue the reverse, that mass murder of one’s own co-ethnics is particularly perverse.  Myself, I say murder is murder.

What especially irritates Kirchick is Eastern European nations presenting themselves as victims just because, well, Hitler and Stalin murdered millions of them.  This is just a dodge, he tells us, to direct attention away from the collaboration of some of their number in anti-semitic massacres.  These countries have failed to “come to terms”, as the saying goes.  No doubt Kirchick would be happy to point them to some Jewish groups who would be happy to help them “come to terms” by accepting their money and groveling.

So, why are the 6 million “unique”, i.e. so much more important than the 11-14 million?  I can’t shake the impression that the real reason is that those 11-14 million were only goyim.  I hasten to point out that this is not a distinctively Jewish sentiment–in fact I’m sure that many Jews would be horrified by such a notion.  Christian Zionists and neoconservatives are often the worst offenders.  One can’t shake the feeling that they regard Jewish lives as being more valuable than gentile lives.

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  1. Clearly true, but not unique to the Jews, really. I illustrate this point with my student by asking them “How many people died in the Vietnam War” or “… the Iraq War”? The more knowledgeable of them know the number of America dead, and give that number. It is a gotcha moment, as I said “how many PEOPLE died”. No one, ever ever ever, gives the estimate of total PEOPLE that die. Only Americans matter.

    The real problem is that Jews propagate their Jew-centric worldview to the whole of America, so that the average American thinks of Jewish ethnocentrism as perfectly normal and acceptable, while Christian or White ethnocentrism is seen as dangerous and evil.

  2. To continue with your example, it’s natural that Americans pay more attention to American casualties, but it would be unreasonable for us to demand that other countries care more about American dead than their own.

  3. He suggests that it was the deliberate attempt to eliminate a whole ethnicity,

    It’s funny how sometimes it’s anti-semitic to notice that Ashkenazi is an ethnicity and other times it’s anti-semitic not to notice that Ashkenazi is an ethnicity.

  4. […] Commenters note a further asymmetry between the two memorials.  The former commemorates all victims of communism, while the latter will certainly focus on a subset of the victims of Naziism.  Millions of dead Slavs don’t interest anyone, whether it was Stalin or Hitler who killed them.  They were only goyim. […]

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