Remembering antisemitism, and nothing else

From the Tablet:

Books about anti-Semitism are depressingly numerous. New studies of the subject appear in a constant stream, focusing on anti-Semitism in this or that country, in literature or politics, in the past, the present, or the future. In 2010 alone, readers were presented with Robert Wistrich’s A Lethal Obsession: Anti-Semitism From Antiquity to the Global Jihad and Anthony Julius’ Trials of the Diaspora: A History of Anti-Semitism in England, which between them offer 2,100 pages of evidence of how much people used to and still do hate Jews.

Here’s another theory.  Maybe it’s that Jews dominate academia, and they’re disposed to self-pity and/or they see advantages in playing up their victim status.  Notice how no amount of groveling on the part of gentiles will ever be enough; as long as the Jews can keep churning out books about how put upon they are–or ever once were–it will be “evidence of how much people used to and still do hate Jews”.  So, which theory is true?

Ask yourself why people are writing books about antisemitism, and the answer will be clear.  If most people really were filled with a murderous hatred of Jews, I doubt the Jews would be so reckless as to get up in front of us and tell us how rotten our culture is because we don’t like them enough.  That’s only something somebody does when they’ve got power behind them, and their audience doesn’t.

We Americans seldom notice what a “Jew’s-eye” view of history we’ve been taught.  We give far more attention to the fortunes of this one people than to much vaster multitudes.  For example:  the tendency to regard McCarthyism and the Stalinist Terror as comparable events, and to regard the former with greater horror than the Chinese Cultural Revolution.  (The Cultural Revolution just liquidated China’s educated class; it didn’t inconvenience any Jewish movie makers.)  The Jewish Holocaust must never be forgotten (and must be commemorated everywhere), but there’s no need to remember Hitler’s Slavic gentile victims or the 100 million victims of world communism.  The wrongful conviction of Dreyfus is a greater outrage than the mass murder of Catholic clergy, nobility, and peasants by the French Jacobins and the Spanish republicans.  An antisemitic rant by Chrysostom or Luther is more lamented than the Saint Bartholomew’s Day massacre.  Ironically, the relentless focus on Jewish suffering lets Christians off the hook too easily, because it ignores the beastly way we have often treated our own coreligionists through the centuries.

Today, Arts and Letters Daily links an editorial at Jewish Ideas Daily (JID) expressing outrage Yale is terminating its “Interdisciplinary Initiative for the study of antisemitism”.  That’s right–Yale had been shelling out money so that Jewish groups wouldn’t have to fund their own ethnic advocacy propaganda.  Now Yale has decided to pull the plug.  I suspect the JID writer is right about the real reason:  the Initiative started pestering the wrong kind of gentile.  Obviously, Yale had funded this enterprise as a way of helping Jews bully Christians.  When the Initiative started attacking Muslims, a new favored victim group, Yale decided things were getting out of hand.  Jewish victimology can, of course, continue in the history and sociology departments, but it will not have a special source of funding.  JID calls this “ignoring antisemitism”, and it may well seem so, given what they’re used to.

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  1. “Meine Gefühle für Amerika sind voller Hass und Widerwillen; halb verjudet, halb vernegert und alles auf dem Dollar beruhend.”

    “My feelings for America are full of hatred and loathing; half-Jewified, half-negrified, and everything based on the dollar.”

    – You Know Who

    PS And it’s a lot worse now than in the 1930s.

  2. Or, if you prefer:

    From St. (Bp) Nikolaj Velimirovic (1881-1956), in his “Words to the Serbian people through a prison window” (written in Dachau, believe it or not):

    “Over time, they who crucified the Messiah, the Lord Jesus, the Son of God, made Europe into the chief battle ground for the Devil and against God. And it is today the chief battleground of the Jews and of the Devil, their father … Europe does not know this, and here lies all the desperation of its fate, the entire dark tragedy of its peoples. Above all it does not know whom it belongs to. It knows nothing but that which the Jews have ordered it to believe. It can judge of the value of nothing until the Jews have set up their balance for the measurement of value. Its politicians, like sleepwalkers in their delirium, talk of the equality of all beliefs and non-beliefs, that is, that which the Jews want and desire, because it is necessary for them to have legal equality with Christians, so that they can then drive out Christianity and have Christianity made non-believers, and place their foot on their necks.

    All the modern catch-words of Europe have been composed by the Jews who crucified Christ, including democracy, and strikes, and socialism, and atheism and the toleration of all religions, and pacifism and universal revolution and capitalism and communism.

    All these are the invention of Jews, or of the Devil, the father of the Jews. But the wonder is that the Europeans, baptized and anointed, should have surrendered so totally to the Jews that they think with Jewish heads, accept Jewish programmes, adopt Jewish anti-Christianity, receive Jewish lies as truth, welcome Jewish catch-words as their own, walk along the Jewish road and serve Jewish aims. This is the thing to wonder at in our time, and nothing else in the world.

    Everything else is less important or unimportant. But the most important thing is how Christian Europe managed to become the serving-maid of the Jews.”

  3. The Devil has plenty of gentiles in his service too. He wouldn’t succeed so well were it not so.

  4. I don’t blame them for being obsessed with their own troubles and their own interests. It’s just bizarre that we are so obsessed with their troubles and interests.

  5. bonald, I agree. I wish non-Jews were less obsessed with Jews, both in sympathy and in blame. I wish non-Jews would just forget about Jews and worry about solving their own problems.

  6. How are we goyim supposed to “forget about Jews” when our culture, the MSM, Hollywood, et al, is obsessed with Jews? All Jews, all Jewish issues and perspectives, all the time. That was the point of the initial post, was it not?

  7. Sadly very true. But let us not forget who the Devil’s children are, per the words of Our Lord and Savior.

  8. Embarking on this topic, one enters a Twilight Zone of utter weirdness, not to mention real danger. I found that Albert S. Lindemann’s book, Essau’s Tears, helped me to get my bearings. Lindemann recognizes the role that cultural and economic aggression by some Jews played in the creation of negative attitudes toward Jews in general, and also recognizes the exploitation of this resentment by gentile politicians and ideologues. He spreads the blame around, with lots of evidence.

    The theory of antisemitism is pretty clearly the prototype for all of the ideological weapons of the new left, and this is why we need to study the history of the theory as well as the history of the behavior denoted by the term. As many writers have observed, the basic idea is to pathologize your political opponent by describing his argument as a symptom of psychopathy. Unflattering opinions about any class of humanity with whom the left sympathizes are never the result of observation, but always the result of poor mental hygiene on the part of the man expressing the opinion.

    This is the demonology of our secular world. It’s purpose is to shut people up and justify very intrusive forms of social conditioning and indoctrination.

  9. Hello JMsmith,

    These are excellent points. We must turn a critical eye on the idea of antisemitism and be aware of how it itself is a weapon for asserting power and marginalizing rivals. It does seem weird how most people either idolize the Jews as brilliant, eternally blameless victims, or they blame them for single-handedly causing everything wrong in the world. There must be a reasonable middle ground. Perhaps Lindermann presents one in his book. I must get around to reading it someday.

  10. I was directed here by a comment on a post at my blog. You might find the discussion there interesting.

    It does seem weird how most people either idolize the Jews as brilliant, eternally blameless victims, or they blame them for single-handedly causing everything wrong in the world.

    It seems to me the divide is between people who idolize the jews as brilliant, eternally blameless victims and those who won’t.

    A longish essay that came up in our discussion, even more directly relevant to what you bring up here, is Holocaust Commemoration at Counter-Currents Publishing.

  11. Hello Tanstaafl,

    Thanks for the links.

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