Bad news

Via Western Confucian, I learn the terrible news that Malta has surrendered and legalized divorce (i.e. state approval of spouse abandonment and infidelity).  Expect abortion and gay marriage in less than five years.

Also, see Lydia and Anthony Esolen we hear examples from Canada and Sweden of how the state can take your children away if you’re not sufficiently compliant in letting it brainwash them.

The connection:  If marriage is not permanant, it is not reliable.  But children need someone they can rely on.  Therefore, children belong to the state.  Not just children of divorced parents, but all children.  Christian libertarians, who think they can ask to be left alone to observe gospel morality in private should consider this.  When the state legalized divorce, it changed your legal state from “married” to “not yet divorced, but may soon be”.  And it claimed your children.


4 Responses

  1. The government of Malta was likely under the pressure from the EU, but in all truth they have had a referendum on the issue, so that divorce was legalised by popular support. Just another nail in the coffin of previously great European civilisation…

  2. Malta is now a democracy? That’s bad. The EU has got to go. Marriage has turned from a societal, reproductive, religious institution to an individualistic, pleasurable, secular institution. How sad )=

  3. Malta also has the lowest procent of working women in the whole EU, about 20% (less than in the USA of the 1950s, which is seen as a problem by EU officials as well. But it’s difficult to feel pity for them knowing that they chose to join EU probably for financial reasons, I hope the citizens of Malta will enjoy having divorce, working mothers and all social disfunction which goes with it.

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