Everyone hates democracy

Even those who profess democracy as a priniple despise its practice.  Nobody likes politicians, the practitioners of democracy.  Nobody likes political speeches–their shameless flattery of “the people” followed by extravagant, implausible promises, although this is the discourse of democracy.  Secretly, the people despise their flatterers and long for a leader who is not the mere creature of their will, someone they can revere rather than vote on.  To “politicize” an issue (i.e. to bring democracy into it) is always bad; this great principle of the democrats seems to corrupt everything it touches.  It takes a subtle mind (or reading this blog) to realize that democracy is Satanic, but everyone instinctively realizes that it is vulgar.

3 Responses

  1. Some good points. I’m a lawyer by profession (if not by temperament or training), and I often encounter this sentiment in the context of a desire to entrust sensitive political (as well as legal) decisions to the courts rather than to elected politicians. There is still a sense that British judges are men of wisdom, impartiality and integrity. Of course, when this actually happens (as with abortion in the US), the consequence is that judges are dragged into the political arena and become quasi-political figures in their own right.

    You also encounter the same sentiment in attempts to defend the House of Lords from being turned into an elected Senate – there is the notion that the Lords provides a wealth of experience and integrity and a sober, measured approach to legislating that is not found in the elected chamber. It’s not untrue, either (though my favoured means of reforming the Lords would be to adopt the Catholic vocationalist principles that inspired De Valera in creating the Irish Senate).

    Having said this, as a good liberal I still think that Sir Winston had it right: “it has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time”.

  2. I like democracy, but democracy doesn’t work with a morally corrupt population. Some of the best cultures have been moral democracies, including Athens, the Roman Republic, Great Britain, and America. Once morality breaks down, democracy fails and the people complain about politicians as a way of avoiding placing blame where it belongs, on the people themselves.

  3. […] democracy is stupid and vulgar, while Christianity is sublime.  Therefore, they naturally repel. GA_googleAddAttr("AdOpt", […]

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