Against Christian Republicanism

The Mad Monarchist has a great three-part series on monarchy and democracy in the Bible here, here, and here.  I especially recommend the final part.  Not surprisingly to anyone who reads the good book honestly, MM concludes that God leans strongly toward monarchy, or at least that attempts to read republicanism as a Christian imperative are obviously bogus.

2 Responses

  1. Meh, I find his references lack context. There’s the whole reign of the judges, for example, which was as long as 300 years, and was established by none other than Joshua. So that’s much more like a federalized/tribal order. There are the patriarchs, which predate the Egyptian captivity.

    There’s also the constant conflict between downright rotten kings and the prophets; Isaiah, Jeremiah, Elijah, etc.

    His assertion that Biblical authors were familiar with the Republic doesn’t add up either; no Biblical author was contemporary with Republican Rome or Democratic Greece. Malachi dates to about 420 BC, and Julius had abolished the republic for all intents and purposes by 49 BC, which pre-dates the New Testament.

    If anything, the perfect order is theocracy. On the earth, the government which allows for freedom of worship seems like best fit for God as I understand Him. It allows for the agency of man and allows for Christianity as well.

    When Christ returns, He will be King. Until that point, I doubt that Caesar or the Old Testament kings (even “good” kings like David the adulterous murderer) provide a real example of the will of God.

  2. Hi Zach,

    God established the Davidic monarchy forever. He never did any such thing for a republic. That’s what settles it for me. Also, the authors of 1st and 2nd Maccabees were certainly familiar with Hellenic systems, with 1st Maccabees having a description of the Roman Republic (8:1-16). Besides, as Mad Monarchist points out, whatever the Israelites were familiar with, God was certainly familiar with democracy and republicanism, and He could have imposed these wretched forms of government on His people if He had so chosen. As for freedom of worship, I don’t think the scriptural data is sufficient to settle the matter, but it seems out of character to me for a “jealous God” to wish idolatry to be tolerated.

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