Freedom = sterility?

I hate to keep picking on The Spearhead–those poor dears are so sensitive!–but they do show better than anywhere else why the singleminded pursuit of male autonomy is something to avoid.  My colleague Alan Roebuck reminds me of a recent article of theirs giving men advice on how to “empower men to define their own lives however they see fit”.  (Better to rule in hell than serve in heaven!)  First, get a vasectomy because it “gives a man a degree of reproductive self-determination that a woman cannot influence.”  Get that?  The way to have “reproductive self-determination” is to surgically render oneself sterile.  One might call it “planned parenthood”, but that name has been taken.  Both expressions are unintentionally funny for the same reason:  neither “reproduction” nor “parenthood” is involved, but rather their absence.  It takes a peculiar form of ideological blindness to see something iniquitous in a man’s reproductive activity being connected to a woman.  “Freedom” makes a poor ultimate value.  It is fundamentally negative; “freedom” always means “absence of” something, and perfect freedom would be an empty world, one without any meaningful interpersonal bonds.  The other idea is to replace marriage with temporary contracts for sex, what the Muslims call “sigheh”.  We Westerners have another word for it.

As Alan says

When the buildings of a great city are crumbling a citizen (as opposed to a vandal) has two options: Attempt, at some danger to himself, to repair the damage, or ransack the debris in order to construct for himself a temporary hovel. By ransacking he is, of course, hastening the destruction, but at least he may gain a temporary roof over his head.

So it is with the advice presented here. The man who chooses to associate with women in the way presented here is ransacking our Civilization in order to obtain a temporary spiritual hovel. Being a looter rather than a builder, he gains some temporary relief for himself even as he participates in demolishing the structure that is the foundation of society: the family.

(See also this article at Oz Conservative, which I have already discussed.)

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