Worthless pseudoconservatives: Jonah Goldberg, Jacobin feminist

And so we see, once again, that there is no ideal so odious that Jonah Goldberg won’t embrace it, so long as it provides an excuse to bully and murder Muslims.  Thank goodness National Review has such a man to warn readers off from the dangerous Leftism of Joseph de Maistre, and to explain to them what a good conservative cause the normalization of homosexuality is!

I can’t stand the creep myself, so I’m grateful to Mark Richardson for reporting his latest monstrosity:  Goldberg praises the wonderfulness of feminism, but thinks that its most important future applications will be abroad.  Yes, divorce, contraception, promiscuity, abortion, female careerism and absentee parenting, the normalization of sodomy, the marginalization of our historic religion, and the utter annihilation of the family as an authoritative institution (and concomitant rise of the therapeutic state and impersonal market as sole arbiters of the social world) are such obvious goods that the only thing left to do is to inflict them on the Muhammadans!

Goldberg, you filthy communist pig:  I’ve got a daughter too, but that doesn’t mean that I want her processed into an atheist lesbian harpy who wastes her life in the pursuit of money and power.

God damned feminists.  Wasn’t destroying one civilization enough for them?

2 Responses

  1. No, it’s not enought for them. They want to subvert and destroy any hope of renewal by annihilating the understanding of traditional conservatism as it have always been and transforming it into a mirror image of liberalism (examples would be neoconservatives and libertarians). Basically subverting conservatism from within.

  2. First of all, you don’t have to damn them as they already have damned their own selves.
    Also is a perfect example of the Dabney quote I sent you in another thread.
    Eventually they all reveal themselves as to who they really are behind the mask.
    As the MGTOW’s say..just another mangina.

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