I’m a bad person

I blame Kevin MacDonald.  He’s made me find this sort of thing really funny:

In 2008, The New York Times’Noah Feldman commented on the “systematic overrepresentation of Mormons among top businesspeople and lawyers.” In 2009, the Atlantic boldly asserted that Mormons are “overrepresented in the national political elite.” Slate’s Jacob Weisberg transgressed the bounds of religious tolerance to tag Mormon prophet Joseph Smith “an obvious con man.”

(At least the author, Jim Goad, seemed to find it funny too.)

4 Responses

  1. Mormonism and Judaism are the twin faces of Mammon today. They are the two highest income (native) religious groups in America. The most wealthy people in America are, in this order: Jews, Hindus, Mormons.

  2. And yet Mormons are the only major sect that doesn’t pay their clergy. . .

  3. Not really “clergy” if you aren’t getting paid, are you? It’s quite true they are very proud of having their religious services led by laymen. Holier, much holier, than thou…

    The lack of intellectualism fostered by their “lay-only” policy plays directly into their loyalty to an obvious conman, as pointed out above. The smart ones figure things out and leave the denomination, leading to their low retention rates.

  4. Hi Zach,

    Don’t get bummed out over all the anti-Mormon hostility out there. It does your faith credit, as I argue here: https://bonald.wordpress.com/2010/10/24/religious-literacy-and-seriousness/

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