The revolutionary world power

The US long ago crossed the Rubicon into bad guy territory. Anyone who still thinks this is Eisenhower’s America is delusional. The US is now the Soviet Union of foreign policy.

So writes Marcus Marcellus commenting on an Alternative Right article on the Libya war.   It states very nicely a feeling I’ve been having.  Suppose the year is 1960, and you’re a revolutionary who wants to overthrow an established government.  Who do you turn to?  That’s a no brainer:  Comintern and the Soviet Union.  They are the revolutionary power, the champion of all the world’s malcontents.  The United States is by default the champion of order and authority.  Fast forward to 2011, and say you want to foment revolution.  Who do you count on to help you?  I am very uncomfortable with the first answer that pops into my head.

3 Responses

  1. Hmmm, interesting question. I assume you are implying the U.S. as the answer?

    I think the situation is worse than that though. I feel like our foreign policy today is straight-up satanic. Looking back on the Soviet Union, I do not feel they were “evil” in quite the same way. They were fighting for legitimate socio-political goals grounded in Marxism.

    Those Marxist goals were essentially “good”, especially when seen in light of today’s hegemonic situation. The Great Satan tramples around the world with no regard for anything, or fear of reprisal.

  2. ‘Fast forward to 2011, and say you want to foment revolution. Who do you count on to help you?’

    A vast, inter-racial conspiracy of anti-semitic Muslims?

  3. The difference being that the USSR was reasonably clear in its objectives and strategies.

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