Why so few female conservatives? The irony of particularism

Simple explanations are best:  feminism offers more goodies than patriarchy.

I think there’s also reasons why women are less drawn to nationalist, enthocentric, or other let us call them “particularist” movements.  One reason any liberal will give you is that men are more violence-prone, and dividing the world into “us” and “them” is a necessary prerequisite for righteous ass-kicking.  There’s probably something to that.  My own conjecture, based on my limited experience, is that women feel less drawn to particularist ideologies because, ironically, particular loyalties are more natural and unreflective to them.  No woman feels the need to justify her partiality towards her own children.  The average woman is sufficiently enmeshed in her loyalty to kith and kin, he doesn’t step back and ask if it’s justified from an outsider standpoint.  Cosmopolitanism is a weapon used to criticize the other tribe (conservatives, red-staters, fundamentalists).  Many men are like this too, but a sufficient number of us have a mental deficiency that complicates things.  Our first naive idea of justice is bound up in ideas of abstraction, impartiality, universality.  To justify our partialities to kith and kin, we spin off particularist ideologies.  Perhaps perversely, we invent universal principles out of our particular loyalties.  The nationalist begins with a principle–the right of all peoples to preserve their cultures through national autonomy.  Only with the universal principle in place does he feel free to apply it to himself.  I could never get too worked up about my nation or the white race, but I’m still in the same boat because of my attachment to my religion and Western culture.

So what are you, a reflective or unreflective particularist?  Here’s the test.  Suppose someone from a rival tribe decides to betray his tribe and help yours out.  How would you feel toward this person?  Are you grateful, because he’s helped your tribe out?  Or do you respond the way the Sabines did to Tarpeia?  The Sabines put the idea of national loyalty first.  Those who would be grateful to the traitor are putting their nation’s interest first–the thing the ideology of national loyalty is supposed to justify.  I’ve got no doubts as to my own reaction:  “So be it to all who betray their country!”

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  1. I’m a traditional conservative woman who goes around reactionary, far-right and and traditional conservative blogs and I think partly the reason for few (true) female conservatives (not capitalist or libertarian women because there are plenty of those) is because traditionalism is a male centered form of thought while liberalism is a more female centered form of thought.

  2. Sorry for my spelling error (repeating “and” twice).

  3. Hello alcestiseshtemoa,

    I am intrigued by your idea that traditionalism is male centered, and liberalism female centered. Could you elaborate?

  4. In Britain, women have consistently tended to lean Conservative since WW2. It’s sometimes said that we would have had permanent Labour Party rule since 1945 if women hadn’t been given the vote (though I think this has broken down in the last few elections).

    This would mean that women were disproportionately attracted to the pre-Thatcher, socially traditionalist Conservative Party. It was the left-wing Labour Party and the centrist Liberal Party (my own party) which led the way in enacting equality legislation in the 60s and 70s.

    On the other hand, the Labour Party traditionally had a rather macho, working-man’s ethos born out of its links with the trade union movement, so maybe women were simply turned off by that and by their husbands’ propensity to go on strike and cut off the family’s income at the drop of a hat.

  5. Women tend to be more nurturing and softer in thought so they will support equality more and the whole idea of human rights. Women are herd thinkers and lean towards democracy because of this. Men tend to think in objective and general terms (society and community) whereas women tend to think in subjective terms and concentrate more on the person (the individual). Men think long-term whereas women think short-term. Women want to be tamed but at the same time they don’t (they rebel). Women sometimes want one thing but another thing as well (the unprincipled exception and double think). They want to have it all. Men hold less grudges and don’t tend to snap as much as women (political correctness controling thought, speech codes). Well these are the basics bonald. At least I tried showing them to you. Hope I helped.

  6. That’s been long gone not only in the British Labour party, but also among our Democrats here in the US.

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