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Somewhere buried down in my comments, Mark Tully writes

I finally got my site ( under control; it’s been remodelled and rebranded to serve as a staging ground for the right. I’m going to continue to write (more often than once a week) while keeping the site open to others who might find it useful. There’s an ability to have a forum or discussion board, but I think having active users and traffic are an important prerequisite. I made the decision to completely revamp, as opposed to stick with the standard blog format for a few reasons.First, something like it really doesn’t exist. There are right wing news sites, a few blog hubs that are considered right wing in some circles, and discussion sites, but I haven’t seen any sites really dedicated to serving the far right by pooling multiple contributors together in a meaningful way. And by meaningful, I mean providing a platform for intellectual growth – be it discussion, articles, research, and so on.

I’d be interested in a discussion of what kind of collaborative undertakings would be most useful to the far Right.  Perhaps Mr. Tully can host a discussion of it, since his site is ideally suited for such things, for web-design reasons that went over my head.  Of course, you can share your awesome ideas here too.

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  1. Bonald,

    Very flattered by the mention and vote of confidence. Though I’ve lurked on far right blogs since 2007, I never contributed so I was worried that people might get upset at what I was doing – I’m pretty green in public discussions and, in many ways, knowledge.

    The far right, despite the accusations against it of every social evil (or because of those accusations) has been extremely nice in welcoming me. Far beyond hobby and history groups I’ve been part of before.

  2. Mark Tully this is a very impressive and appreciated effort to the traditional conservative, far-right and reactionary crowd. It’s a brilliant idea. Can you explain more about the design of the website? How will you alert the conservative blogosphere to go to your website?

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