Media rule and media rage

In a democracy, he who controls the people controls the government.  Thus, a better name for our system of government would be “journalocracy” or “mediocracy”.  The editorial board of the New York Times is truly our ruler.

Why then are our masters always so angry?  Presumably because their peculiar form of rule has some inconveniences.  Ruling by proxy of the mindless electorate means that they always get their way, but they don’t get it immediately.  Public opinion takes time to manufacture.  This can be frustrating.  When a sovereign gives an order, he reasonably expects it to be carried out promptly.  When you tell your son to clean up his room, and he says “maybe tomorrow”, that’s not good enough, dammit!  The New York Times gave the country an order to legalize gay “marriage” a decade ago, and we will get around to it (no one really doubts that), but we’re dragging our feet.  Hence we have the paradox that those who rule the country are in a perpetual rage, as if they were some sort of oppressed minority.

2 Responses

  1. LOL

    “as if” they were an oppressed minority….

    Those Who Must Not Be Named are the ULTIMATE oppressed minority….

    And they make darn sure everybody knows it, too!

  2. Funny, I wasn’t even thinking of Those Who Must Not Be Named when I wrote that, but now that you bring it up, it seems surprising that I didn’t make the connection.

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