Is the right-blogosphere maturing?

When I decided to start this blog, I had gotten it into my head that I was going to write a defense of patriarchy.  As far as I knew, I was the only person in the world alive at that time willing to do this (defend patriarchy whole, that is, and not just isolated aspects of Christian sexual morality), and I had to develop my own arguments in isolation.

Today, I feel less lonely.  I can point to half a dozen explicit patriarchists just on my blogroll.  Is this a sign of progress?  I suspect that it has more to do with my deepening knowledge of the right-blogosphere.  It would seem more likely that there have always been some hard-core reactionaries laboring away in obscurity.  Indeed, some of the blogs I could site are significantly older than mine.  Many, however, are about the same age.

Mark Richardson has been in this game a lot longer than I have, and he thinks reactionary intellectuals are getting more sophisticated.  Twenty-five years ago, he believes, no one on the Right would have had a problem with David Cameron’s assertion that multiculturalism should be replaced by “muscular” (i.e. totalitarian) liberalism.  At least now a large number of us get the willies when we hear something like that.  Now, I’m not sure about what would have happened 25 years ago.  If there had been a figure like Mr. Richardson–same beliefs and visibility–25 years ago, would reactionaries today know about it?  Mr. Richardson has been following reactionary thought for a good long time, though, and if he says there’s been progress, I’m encouraged.

So maybe we’re not all just drifting Leftward.  The culture itself, including mainstream conservatives, is, but there’s a remnant that’s at least managing to stay in place, and maybe advance in a contrary direction.

3 Responses

  1. Forgive my confusion, but I don’t quite understand what you and Oz Conservative support. I understand that you oppose state liberalism. But do you support national enforcement of a conservative agenda?

    I consider myself a reactionary in the sense that I admire the way early America was structured. The central government was small, which allowed local government to be strong and to make rules which created a strong sense of local community. Having a strong government was fine for the old city-states, but today’s national governments are too big, so centralized power can only result in tyranny.

    A bowl of fruit consisting of apples, oranges, and strawberries is a good thing. It contains variety and each fruit tastes good. But if you put these fruits together into a blender, you destroy the integrity of each and just create tasteless mush. Multiculturalism in the sense of having cultures mixed together produces this kind of mush. But having multiple communities inside a nation, each separate, different, and mostly self-governing, is a good thing, like the bowl of fruit and like early America.

  2. I can’t speak for Mr. Richardson, but I generally prefer that morals legislation be carried out at a local level. See my “Defense of Regional Cultures”.

  3. I would love to see someone start a reactionary/patriarchist forum. This seems like the logical next step.

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