My anti-white racism

Having spoken so rudely of non-Western Christians, I must confess my hypocrisy:  I myself harbor a certain anti-white racism in my religious practice.  I very much prefer black or hispanic priests to white ones.  I dread a white priest’s homily.  White priest are terribly afraid of being seen as “old white men”.  They desperately want to win credibility with their congregation, and they usually try to do it by trashing men, the pope, or the pre-Vatican II Church.  Nonwhite priests don’t feel this need.  Their Christianity is watered-down but not corrupted.  As long as they stay off third-world grievance-mongering issues, they’re pretty decent.  They limit themselves to simple “Jesus wants us to be nice” messages.  Not profound, but true and unobjectionable.

3 Responses

  1. Interesting observation. Have you ever heard any conservative white priests?

    I guess, I am wondering, perhaps the distinction is more theological than racial… I despise sermons given by liberals of any race.

    Perhaps the racial angle is just a reflection of the conservative traditions in African Christianity? Africans are well known to be both more conservative and more traditionalist than we are, as a general rule.

  2. In artistic circles, critics decry the use of “magical negro” characters who impart wisdom to protagonists. And yet such characters clearly have a basis in fact, insofar as whites seek out wisdom from non-whites.

  3. They limit themselves to simple “Jesus wants us to be nice” messages. Not profound, but true and unobjectionable.

    It’s funny. I find that those sermons are very common among white priests. Hispanic priests are much more likely, in my experience, to talk about actual Christian themes: martyrs, saints, Mary, self-denial, prayer, the necessity of avoiding vices and cultivating virtues, etc. I am always so happy when Fr Juan gives the homily.

    “Be nice” does not strike me as a Christian message. St Dominic was not nice. Jesus was not nice. Charles Murray identifies “ecumenical niceness” as the principal ideology of modern America. Not sure I would go that far, but niceness is clearly modern and worldly.

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