The next fight

One problem with being a reactionary is that we tend to lose our fights so quickly, by the time we’ve perfected our arguments on one issue, no one is willing to listen anymore.  It took a lot less work to be a guelph or a ghibelline.  If you came up with a really good pro-Papacy or pro-Imperial argument, you could still use it fifty years later, and people would still be interested.  Issues get settled a lot more quickly now, because the two sides are completely unmatched.

Patriarchy is my favorite cause to argue.  I think I’ve got it down pretty well.  It’s my shtick.  Of course, the main argument over gender roles was lost long ago (about the time I was born), but all this agitation over homosexuality has sort of resussitated the issue as people really grasp what an androgynist order will mean.  I expect we can keep this up for a couple of years before the sodomite victory is complete.  After that, the Left will have moved on to new evils, and we’ll be forced to counter-mobilize.

I expect there’s a big fight on euthanasia and assisted suicide coming up, and I’m not looking forward to it.  I’m not sure why I find this issue so distasteful.  I suppose that, as a young man, I enjoy talking about sex more than talking about death.  As a conservative, I’m more comfortable bossing around my juniors who want to fornicate than my elders who want to off themselves.  Mostly, I’m dreading the emotional manipulation to which the media will subject us.  Expect a steady diet of poor, hopeless, suffering babies and old people.  If only we were more flexible, doctors could apply utilitarianism more rigidly.  Expect lots of “inspirational” movies about brave, noble disabled people who kill themselves.  In reply, we have to make abstract-sounding arguments about how consequentialism is wrong and that suffering and dependency are no justifications for murder.  We’ll have to do some work honing our arguments.

On the other hand, sometime down the road, the Left will begin its terminal attack on the family.  Parental tyranny, family chauvanism, and interfamily inequality must be abolished!  All children should be raised equally in government kennels!  Then I can trot out my old patriarchy material again.

4 Responses

  1. “Expect lots of “inspirational” movies about brave, noble disabled people who kill themselves.”

    We may already be there:

  2. Darn it. And a movie in a cave could have been so cool! Thank goodness I don’t have time to see movies anymore.

  3. Great post, as usual.

    Sometimes the speedy advance of crazed satanism still has the power to astonish me. For instance, the fight against Friendship is well-underway.

    Your children, you see, dear Bonald, must not have friends. Because friendship shows particularity, and favors one child over another. Friendship is wrong, and it must be eliminated.

  4. Hi Daniel,

    I’m glad they’re doing this; it lets people see the inhuman heart of liberalism. All particular attachments–all friendship, all loyalty, all love–must be eliminated if we are to be truly equal and nondiscriminatory. It’s the reducio ad absurdum of liberalism, provided by the liberals themselves.

    I’d like to have a big fight over friendship; it cuts to the heart of the matter. No more piddling around with polygamy, marijuana, euthanasia, or stuff like that. Let the liberals show us their endpoint and see if anybody wants it.

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