On being lectured to by communists

Jerry Salyer has had enough of it.

Inflammatory rhetoric must be purged, some say.  Not necessarily a bad idea, provided would-be arbiters of civil discourse begin by questioning the enshrinement of writer Susan Sontag in college rhetoric textbooks.  It would, after all, take a most peculiar notion of civility to endorse Sontag’s 1967 declaration that “[t]he white race is the cancer of human history”.  Somehow, nevertheless, those who object to being labeled “cancer” find that their objections are ignored while they themselves are expected to take seriously speeches by pundits professing hatred of hate speech.

From there, Salyer recounts a century of enthusiasm for mass-murdering tyrants by Leftist intellectuals.  Especially not to be missed are Neruda’s ode to Stalin and Sarte’s lament that the Jacobins didn’t kill enough people.

One Response

  1. I suppose that, under the new dispensation of civility, school children will no longer be required to translate the Phillips of Demosthenes, or the In Verrem, the In Catalinam or the Philippics of Cicero, or to pour over Burke’s demand for the impeachment of Warren Hastings.

    There would appear to be only one word that was definitely coined by Our Lord – Hypocrite

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