What’s the problem with Muslims?

The European pseudo-Right never fails to disappoint.

According to German journalist Michael Mannheimer, the problem with Muslims is that they’re not feminist enough.  Through GalliaWatch, I have become aware of this:

Richter is an icon of the left wing and the Greens, a leading figure practically worshipped by a whole generation of peace-driven deniers of reality and Easter marchers. He exercises no criticism against the cutting off of hands, flogging for no reason, or the stoning of women who have committed no crime other than that they wanted to be free from their husbands. He exercises no criticism against the fact that in Islamic lands today critics of “the religion of peace” have their eyes put out without anaesthetic, that girls at just two years of age are forced to marry dirty old men, that women according to Islamic law (Shari’a) are condemned to be second-class people.

So, women have no duties toward their husbands (or, presumably, children)?  Husbands have no legitimate authority over their wives?  Female disregard for marriage vows is an unalloyed social good?  Traditional gender role distinctions are iniquitous?  It’s arguments like these that make me think more fondly of the coming Islamization of Europe.

But, not to worry, Mr. Mannheimer!  The Muslims may be spreading patriarchy to Europe by peaceful migration, but our brave men, women, and hermaphrodites in uniform are spreading feminism to the Muslim world by military force!  So it all evens out, in a worst-of-all-possible-worlds kind of way.

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