Doom of the wedge minorities I

Liberalism’s modus operandi is to use minority cultures to smash majority cultures, e.g. insisting that Christianity must be disestablished to accomodate the Jews, or English must be disestablished to accomodate Hispanics.  In such cases, the wedge minority is obviously a tool, and I have always assumed that, when the time is right, the liberals will turn on their clients and demand the destruction of their cultures.  Once again, the attack will be presented as a defense of smaller subgroups, and the demolition will continue until nothing is left but atomized individuals.

It occurs to me now that the situation is actually more bleak than this for the wedge minorities–the blacks, hispanics, Muslims, and Jews.  Their subversion has already begun.  As the price of being part of the liberal alliance, these groups have agreed to tie their right to existence to their claim of being oppressed.  For example, suppose you were to ask a black college student living in an all-black fraternity why blacks should be allowed to have their own organizations on campus.  The conservative answer, which would come naturally to any healthy people, would go something like the following:  “We need our own space to live out our distinct culture.  We owe it to our revered ancestors to keep the flame burning.  We owe it to God, Whom we encounter by means of our traditions.  Our traditions give our lives meaning, and we can only live them communally.”  The answer you will actually get, though, would almost certainly be the following.  “We are oppressed.  We need our own organizations to counter white racism.”  That’s the answer the liberals have trained them to give.  And, note, by using it they are already admitting that their culture has no intrinsic right to perpetuate itself.  This right comes only from present (or recent) oppression.  Someday, when white culture is totally smashed, and the liberals announce that racism is defeated, blacks will have no way to protest their own dissolution.

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  1. What amazes me is how minorities can ignore the genocide of their people by way of abortion. It is no secret that Margret Sanger wanted abortion pushed primarily on Blacks (as well as on Non-WASP Europeans).

  2. Have you considered how American Catholics were used as a wedge minority against (or is it “by”) the WASP establishment?

    We Catholics thought we had arrived, only to find our neighborhoods destroyed, our institutions subverted, and our politics co-opted.

    There’s a must-read memo in the wikileaked State Dept. cable 10Paris58, “Minority Engagement Strategy” for France.

    It talks a good game about diversity and uplifting minorities, but in the end it functions to exploit minorities as American clients to subvert the French establishment, especially the “overwhelmingly white” media.

    The State Department strategy also has a line about how minorities need to learn the importance of “transcending the bounds of their own communities in order to make a broader, national impact.” Cultural dissolution cloaked as upward mobility.

    It’s hard to say how much of 10Paris58 is wishful thinking. One of these days they’ll empower a minority that they won’t be able to control. Their machine can’t be perfect, can it?

    What happens when enough clients become self-conscious of the exploitation? Become ineffective neo-conservatives?

  3. Darn it, KJJ! You’ve just scooped me. American Catholics as wedge minorities was going to be one of my next posts.

    That’s the most insightful comment I’ve heard yet about the WikiLeaks, by the way.

  4. […] of patriarchy in Roman law.  Also, Kevin Jones has raised the interesting historical issue of the role of American Catholics as wedge minorities. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Time will tell.How to Read This Wacky BlogThe […]

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