Cheerios promotes androgynism

Anti-feminist/masculinist, Pro-patriarchy has the story here.

2 Responses

  1. The articles discussion of the rival merits of men and women as bakers calls to mind a Victorian tombstone in the Glasgow Necropolis.
    This describes the deceased as “the most celebrated confectioner and pastry-cook of the city, whose elegant productions, as wholesome as they were delicious had long attracted the well-merited patronage of the discerning…”
    After more in this vein, the sorrowful reader is assured that “his inconsolable Widow continues the business to the same demanding standards at [here there is an erasure] new and enlarged premises at…”

  2. How humorous! I just noticed in the illustrations the other day that the father’s cake is a work of confectionery art, four or five wedding type layers and the work space is near immaculate. The mother’s work space on the other hand looks like a tornado went through it, and her cake is a blob in 9×13 pan.

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