Contraception is always a mortal sin

As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be…

…and despite bizarre attempts by the media to enlist the pope as advocating the view that performing anal sex for money is morally acceptable if one uses a condom. (My thanks to the Western Confucian for the link.)

Myself, I’ve never needed the pope to tell me that it would be wrong to risk giving my wife a mortal illness to satiate my lust, and that such a thing doesn’t become acceptable if I am willing to slightly lower her risk by desecrating the marriage bed with latex.  But then, I’ve never subscribed to the liberal belief that sexual gratification is the one absolute right that trumps all others.

Since before I was born, condoms have been the answer for which liberals have been urgently seeking the problem.  It is absolutely imperative, we hear, that sex be denatured and instrumentalized, although the reason changes.  When I was young, it was overpopulation.  Then it was “quality of life”–better to never be than to be “unplanned”.  Now it’s AIDS.  The urge to desecrate needs an alibi.  We can’t admit that we want take sex out of the realm of meaning and put it in the realm of consumer goods because we are pigs who can’t bear the weight of meaning God has infused in our bodies.  No, we want to be able to say that we were forced into this.  Here is the sign of an unsettled conscience.  The condom user still feels the need to babble on about AIDS in Africa.

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  1. “Since before I was born, condoms have been the answer for which liberals have been urgently seeking the problem. ”

    Oh, how disgustingly true! I think in a strange way I have more respect for the person who owns to up to being a pig of a human, than the one who tries to justify their perversions with “reasonable” causes.

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