First Things calls for more Catholic self-abasement

American conservative (!) Christians are outraged , or at least very disappointed, by the comments of Melkite bishop Cyril Bustros.  Bishop Bustros, you will recall, voiced the OUTRAGEOUSLY ANTISEMITIC belief that all peoples are equally valued by God.  Then he made an OUTRAGEOUSLY ANTISEMITIC comment to the effect that Israel is a secular nation like any other, with no more and no less of a mandate from God than any other nation.  He even, horror of horrors, suggested that the Church, rather than the modern day atheist, socialist nation-state of Israel, is the true successor of ancient Israel, as if there were some spiritual benefit to belonging to the people who accept Christ rather than the people who reject him!  Of course, we who are blessed to live in the Springtime of Vatican II know better than all of this.  The writers at First Things, in their infinite wisdom, are very disappointed with Pope Benedict for failing to emphasize that God Himself is a hard-core Zionist.  They are perplexed that his comments on the Middle East have been limited to vague calls for peace and for justice for all parties, as if we should have such concerns in our minds when the geopolitical power of the Chosen People is at stake!  Surely, they feel, the Holy Father is only refraining from speaking the manifest truth because he fears offending Arab Christians.  Probably for the same reason, Pope Benedict is not yet “on board” with plans to insert a prayer into the Good Friday Mass, petitioning God that all Catholics may convert to Judaism.  (Then we could be chosen people too!)  Give it time; the Springtime of Vatican II isn’t done with us yet.

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