The down side to peace in the Middle East

I don’t talk much about the whole Israel-Palestine conflict here, mostly because I don’t care about it much.  I do realize that this makes me unusual.  Most political bloggers seem to care about it deeply, and what’s more, they seem to be quite partisan about it.  On the Right, everybody is either 100% pro-Palestinian, like The American Conservative, or 100% pro Israel, like Commentary.  Whichever side they pick, they always approach the issue from a strictly moral point of view:  “Who is in the right?  Who is the legitimate owner of this land?  Who is waging the conflict more justly?”  Being fairly amoral where questions of foreigners slaughtering each other are concerned, I would like to ask a different set of questions.  What is best for us (us meaning the United States, the West, or Christendom)?  Which victor would give us least trouble?  Do we have a dog in this fight at all?  Would peaceful coexistence of Jews and Muslims benefit us, or are be better off with the two at each others’ throats?

Being anonymous, I have the privilege of speaking frankly.  Historically speaking, the Muslims and the Jews have both been implacable enemies of Christendom.  When inside the West, both Jewish professionals and Muslim immigrants do everything in their power to marginalize Christian culture.  In modern times, both Muslims and Jews define themselves primarily against Christendom, which they see as their major enemy.  Therefore, it seems to me a stroke of great luck for us that our two most committed enemies are, basically, at war with each other.  It benefits us both internally and externally.  Internally, Muslims and Jews take their emnity with them when they live in the West, and this keeps these two aggressive minorities from making common cause.  Indeed, I would say that it’s only the Israel-Palestine conflict that has kept Western Muslims from being turned into the foot soldiers of Western Jewry.  Externally, the state of Israel serves as a useful thorn in the side of the dar-al-Islam, so long as it fails to make peace with its neighbors.  Strategically, it is the successor to the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem.  It forces Islam to turn its aggressive forces inward, thus providing a respite for the Eastern provinces of Christendom.  In conclusion, American efforts to end the conflict are a mistake, and we are lucky that we’re so inept at it.

But isn’t this a horrible thing to think?  Isn’t the Israel-Palestine confrontation one of the great tragedies of our time?  Not really, not when you compare it to the regular bloodbaths in Africa that no American loses sleep over.  In the grand scheme of things, this one little strip of land isn’t that important.  “Oh, but it is”, you say, “because this war is making all the Arabs everywhere hate us.”  Two points in response to that.  First, having foreigners not hate you is highly overrated.  Pretty much everybody on Earth has been hating Americans since the Cold War.  How has it hurt us?  The Arabs may hate us, but they don’t stop selling us oil, and they won’t, because that would hurt them as much as it would hurt us.  Second, we might avoid a little bit of Arab anger if we made it known that our policy is not pro-Israel, but pro-balance-of-power.  I would much rather deal with a nation-state amorally pursuing its own interest than with a moralistic “fix-the-world” empire, and I suspect that the Arabs would feel the same way.

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