What must it be like to be a liberal?

To always have the wind of history at your back, and the applause of posterity in your ears.  To occasionally experience setbacks, but never defeat.  To be able to not only defeat your enemy, but to make converts of his children, so that his moral vision should totally perish.  To have everyone that matters, all of the “important people”, agree with you.

A conservative can hardly imagine it.  We stand by our doomed communities and our doomed churches.  Our greatest hope is to pass on this heritage to our children, to keep it alive for just one more generation.  Even this goal is usually more than we can manage.  Most of our children are seduced by television or school, the promise of easy sex or the promise of easy self-righteousness; they give their allegiance to the enemy and to share the enemy’s hatred for us.  If not our children, then our grandchildren.  Our religion is dying, and our morality and our folkways with it.  Conservatives are tormented by the knowledge that we have lost all future generations.  We see an abyss before us–utter defeat, oblivion, mankind plunged into an eternal spiritual night.

How can we avoid despair.  Only by looking upward.  Even when evil triumphs on Earth, God will still exist.  In Him will still be the plenitude of goodness, holiness, wisdom, and purity.  In the Trinity, there will still be one community where individualism and amorality are soundly defeated.  The Son will not rebel against the father for the sake of personal autonomy.  The life of the Trinity will continue, and this is ultimately the community that matters most.

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