Is Western Christian culture doomed?

The best election commentary, from what little I’ve seen, has been on Alternative Right here and here.  As they point out, this is probably the last national election the Republicans will ever win.  Soon the Democrats and their client minorities will have an invincible majority.  The really interesting thing to think about is what will happen then.  The linked articles quote Tim Wise, a Leftist commentator on the Daily Kos, in a hair-raising gloat over our coming annihilation.  I encourage each of you to read these quotes (The whole article would, I think, be too much for me.)  to see what we’re facing.  The Left doesn’t just plan to weaken and humiliate white Christian culture; it wants to completely eradicate us.  We shall not survive anywhere.  If we retreat to our neighborhoods or our homes, they will follow us there.  Our customs will be forgotten; our sacred places will be profaned; our religion will die; our descendents will be taken from us, and we shall live on in their minds, if at all, only as objects of hatred.  I have a hard time imagining wishing such a thing–complete oblivion–on my worst enemies.  If some primitive tribe somewhere were faced with such a thing, would anyone–even the liberals–blame them for fighting to the last man?  And yet, the liberals openly advocate our extinction, and then they’re outraged when we resist them.

Both articles end on hopeful notes.  When things get too bad, a white nationalist movement will arise to defend our culture, the coalition of forces on the Left will splinter in exploitable ways, or the whole system will collapse from its sheer inhumanity.  I’m afraid I have little hope in any of these.  We conservatives are always comforting ourselves by saying “Well, at least I can’t imagine it getting worse than this”, only to find this was just a limitation on our imaginations rather than on humanity’s capacity for depravity.

I myself often feel that hopelessness is the right attitude.  We take our stands because it’s the right thing to do and becaues God wants us to do it, even though we know that we face certain defeat every time.  I think it may even be spiritually rewarding to work with this attitude–storing up our treasure in heaven rather than Earth.  The tough thing is, you have to put your heart in and fight as if you thought you could win, or else it doesn’t count.  I can’t just think “Oh, look.  One more inevitable evil.  I’d better write one blog post against it just to get God off of my back.”  I have to really care, which means I have to set myself up for disappointment and dejection.  I think I could do it, if I loved God as I should.

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