History worketh all things for the Left

The relatively moderate wing of the Democratic Party has been eviscerated.  Republicans have learned that the way to win is to refuse to discuss “social” (i.e. genuinely conservative) issues, so conservatives will be even more marginalized in the Party than before.  Not that a grand Democratic victory would have been better for our purposes.  The Democrats would have felt vindicated and their far-Left wing emboldened; the Republicans would have conducted an emergency purge of all conservatives in their ranks in order to make themselves “respectable”.  That’s how it works in the Western world:  The Center-Right party wins, and the country moves to the Left.  The Center-Left party wins, and the country moves to the Left.  So long as we have a mass media to interpret our elections for us, it will always be so.  The mediocracy tells us who is respectable, who is extreme, what kind of a “mandate” elected officials can be considered to have, what motives are called “compassion” and what motives are called “fear”.

This election may have the effect of delaying the dissolution of the Republican Party by one election cycle or so.  Of course, the Party is still most certainly doomed in the long (50 year) term; immigration and school indoctrination have made sure of that.  Those interested in future American politics (a thing I try to avoid contemplating) would do well to look for potential fractures in the Democratic Party:  social democrats vs Marxists, feminists vs multiculturalists, atheists vs New Agers, etc.  These might give us a glimpse of what future political debates in America will look like.

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