Serbs fight back

against the despoilation of their culture.  Thank God.  As Mark Hackard relates

The current pro-Western Tadic government will tacitly accept the status of Kosovo, stand down on the issue of its compatriots in Bosnia and permit all sorts of grotesqueries if an EU membership package is on its way. There is much more at stake, however, than even Serbia’s future; recent events there are but flashpoints in a wider struggle. There still rages a war for the European soul, regardless of how desperate the position of traditionalists today might seem. The October 10th clash only happened to revolve around whether sodomy is a sublime act or a violation of natural and divine laws.To dwell in the good graces of American power, a renegade state must convincingly demonstrate fealty and know its subjugation. Where vassals once paid tribute in gold talents, they now hold parades in honor of the pseudo-sacraments of egalitarianism. If the Empire is to bestow absolution upon a chastened Serbia, that country’s government must show its commitment to deviance as a social institution and embrace it, indeed cherish it, before a world audience. The morale of Serbs is to be so thoroughly pulverized that they mark their humiliation by staging on a Sunday the precise inversion of an Orthodox sacral procession.

Unfortunately, he brings the news in another article that Poland is surrendering.

Mark Hackard’s articles are brilliant, by the way.  Read anything with his name on it.

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  1. The Metropolitan of Belgrade issued a bracing letter in advance of the event, protesting the misuse of Christian symbols and other abuses. Click my name for more.

    An excerpt:

    “this question… is artificially and calculatingly insinuated upon us by western centers of ideological power. It would be interesting to learn why the organizers and financiers of these gay histrionic presentations and theatrical vaudevilles are not trying to conduct similar things in the Islamic countries of the East.”

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