Defenses of patriarchy on the web

There have been some nice defenses of patriarchy on the web lately (or, at least, that I found lately).

Anthony Esolen, in another of his beautiful posts, applies Josef Peiper’s writings on work and leisure to defend the vocation of housewives.

The Thinking Housewife links to a rousing defense of traditional masculine and feminine roles at Cambria Will Not Yield.

Over at Chronicles, Thomas Fleming has been giving a historical overview of the patriarchal family, taking particular attention to dismantle feminist myths:  see parts one, two, three, and four.

The Elusive Wapati presents a sociological defense of patriarchy here and here.

Laura Grace at Full of Grace, Seasoned with Salt has put together an impressive collection of excerpts from the forgotten anti-female sufferage literature:  see, e.g. here, here, and here.

Requiem for Civilization has brought together an enormous amount of material on the arguments for patriarchy.

Of course, I’m rather partial to my own defense of patriarchy.  When I wrote it, I was not aware of anyone else who was willing to defend patriarchy by name.

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