Rabbi gives thumbs up to fornication and adultery

if it’s done to promote national security, that is.  A while ago, I criticized the Muslims for being soft on lechery, so I think it’s only right that I criticize the Jews too.  In fact, given the notorious Leftism of the Jews, this rabbi is to be commended for only approving fornication in such restricted circumstances.  I suppose it’s also nice that he has a slight preference for using unmarried women for these jobs.

By the way, I notice that no one at First Things seems to object to having women doing espionage work in the first place.  Another victory for sexual equality, this prostitution by the fatherland!  Real men will fight to the death to keep their women from being despoiled by enemies.  Our allies, the Israelis, on the other hand, order their women to go out and willingly be despoiled by their enemies.  What kind of men are these?

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