So, are we “sexually fluid”, or is it “genetic”?

It’s hard to take Leftists seriously when they insist on contradicting themselves.  Consider, they will call you an ignorant, anti-scientific, bigoted fundamentalist if you deny either of the following

  1. Sexuality is a social construct.
  2. Homosexuals are born that way.  It’s “who they are”.  There’s no way for them to change.

Of course, the two contradict each other.  If society can construct sexual desires, they can produce a homosexual whose homosexuality is not innate.  Myself, I don’t see why they don’t just give the issue a rest until they get their story straight.  After all, it’s not like the origin has anything to do with the morality of indulging it, or the wisdom of society encouraging it.  For some reason, though, they usually seem to make either 1) or 2) a centerpoint of their argument.

For the last few years, I’ve been hearing mostly the “they’re born that way” claim–always stated as if that makes it all right.  I thought maybe the liberals had made up their mind.  Now, though, I see the “it’s not innate; people can go either way” claim is back.  (See here and here.)  What’s going on?  I see three possibilities.

  1. The new story is that people can change from straight to gay, but never the other way.
  2. Everyone is naturally gay, but most people are socialized to think they’re heterosexual.
  3. Men’s sexual desires are fixed, but womens’ can change (presumably in response to social pressures and encouragements).  Interestingly, Steve Sailer points out that it’s mostly gay men pushing the genetic/innateness claim and mostly lesbians pushing the fluidity/social construct claim.

Of the above, #3 is the only one that’s a reasonable position–I even think there’s probably some truth to it–and it seems to be what the linked articles are implying.

What does it mean?  Several things.  In a well-ordered society, lesbianism would not exist, but male sodomites would be a small but ineradicable nuissance.  In a society like ours that glorifies lesbianism, we can expect lesbians to become very numerous.  We can expect that there will be may fewer of them in more traditional areas.  People in more “liberated” areas, on seeing how few self-professed lesbians there are in traditionalist regions, will erroneously assume that large numbers of women are concealing their true preferences.  The number of male homosexuals, on the other hand, will not increase significantly with cultural change.  There will, then, come to be a large imbalance between heterosexual men and heterosexual women in liberal areas.  It’s hard to imagine how that’s going to work out.

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  1. Hello Mr. Bonald,

    I hope you do not object me commenting on “old” posts. The question about “sexual fluidity” is a quite salient one, and to be honest, took me by surprise. I always thought (or was indoctrinated to think) that sexual options were completely immutable. The first person to draw my attention to this fact was the radio host Dennis Prager, who argued that women are far, far more sexually “fluid” than men. It means that yet another contention of our eternal “Frienemies” (Libertarians), that the passing of laws and promotions of customs that legitimates homosexuality does not have any direct effect in the population at large, is also false. Now, while I fully understand that the arguments in favor of delegitimization and even criminalization of homosexuality should be made resorting to scripture, tradition and natural law, the question of the impact in the daily sexuality of the populace is worth to be explored.
    Given that the Brazilian supreme court blatantly ignored Brazil’s Constitution and just legalized gay marriage anyway last month (it is a cautionary note for the DOMA proponents out there, liberals will the deny that summer is on average hotter than the winter, if suits their revolutionary fantasies), I think is worth to at least dedicate some time to gather information on “sexual fluidity”. Do you have some sources to recommend? I remember that is not your first post on the matter of liberal “sexual engineering” so to say, I think a discussion on that is highly relevant, despite this fact that should not be our main problem with homossexuality.

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