Whatever happened to “quality of life”?

While we’re on the subject of abortion, whatever happened to that old argument that abortion should be legal out of consideration for the “quality of life” of expected babies?  It went like this:  pro-lifers only care about the right to life, but they don’t consider how well off the babies who are born will be.  Those that are born to poor or disfunctional families would probably be better off not being born at all.  Therefore, abortion is the compassionate choice.  Back when I was growing up, this was the pro-choice argument.  Everybody I talked to, read, or heard on TV who was in favor of legal abortion brought out this argument and put it front and center.  Nowadays you never hear it.  Of course, the argument is really, really stupid.  It wasn’t any less stupid back then, though.


3 Responses

  1. It is because they now consider it insulting to think that one form of family is better than another, which is why they are unlikely to talk of “disfunctional families” anymore.

  2. I expect the argument was also found to be borderline racist, after due consideration from the goode.

  3. Both good points.

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