The miracle pill

Watching television at night, I see a lot of birth control pill commercials.  (I guess I watch chick shows.)  It’s pretty amazing the things this pill is supposed to do.  I can remember hearing

  • The pill cures acne.
  • The pill lets you skip two out of three periods.
  • The pill improves your memory.  (This one was a news announcement.)

“Of course I’m not sleeping around, Mom.  I’m just taking this to get rid of my pimples.”  There’s something encouraging in this.  It seems that humans really do have synderesis, an intuition of right and wrong.  I’ve never seen a commercial for any other drug that focuses so much on side benefits unrelated to the drug’s main purpose.  For “the Pill”, though, they really go out of their way to talk about these things, because normal human beings can’t help but sense deep down that the main purpose of this pill is shameful.

One Response

  1. I wanted a drug which can kill female libido for ever by a single pill only.

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